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March 29, 2011


My Vintage Mending

I really love Flo but where is Alice? Daffodil is darling. Very unique. Cowboy chick? who would have thought. THese beat those plastic over colored modern toys any day! Smiles...Renee


Whoever made that Dafodilly had a bit of "magpieness" about her!! It's my favorite, but I also adore the Cowboy!!


So, so cute. Hard to pick a favorite but I think the two embellished chicks are adorable!


Flo is my fav ... but the dafodill is way cute too ! E in TN


Yes! I am so glad to see your egg carton, I think my friends thought I was nuts when I bought an old egg carton the other day to decorate with, every little chick needs a carton for her eggs. Right?
Love them all!!!


Flo is my favorite and that blue foam ball chick with the big black eyelashes, too funny as I looked I thought I could make that one!!


Please show us your collection of egg dyeing kits.


Hello Laurie,

Thank you for showing this chick
and duck collection. :)
Love them all!!! The vintage
chenille chicks, and chicks in
the eggs are so sweet. I have
some of them too.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

There's the Easter decor I've been waiting for! Love the variety of chicks you have, and if no one has already asked, show us your Easter bunnies!

Kim K.

I'm all about Easter decorations right now and your collection is just delightful. I'm going to pour back over this post again and again.


All great but you gotta love them cowboys! Those are awesome! Also love the honeycomb chickies. Is there anything they didn't make out of honeycomb?? Fun post!

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