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October 20, 2011



That's such a nice doll. Does the windup key still work? Great find.


This sweet looking girl does look like she belongs at your house with you! She fits right in with all your other vintage goodies :-)
I'm sure she's happy too!

Musings from Kim K.

This sweet doll looks so familiar. I think my grandmother had saved my mother's and we used to play with her in the basement of their house. I'll have to share this post with my mother and ask her. I'm glad she found a good home.


Laurie...one of the best posts I have read in a while...suspense, great pictures, detail and finally wonderful ending. Isn't she just sweet. She looks just like a little happy Laurie...smiles...Renee

Debby Messner

She is a cute dollie. DOn't think I have seen one like her. Wonder how old she is. Good find.


Look at that face... no wonder you had to have her!!! She is adorable!




She's wonderful she must be excited to be with you and surrounded by so many new friends


I think it was that sweet face!!


I can see why you had to bring her home. She has a very "happy" look and makes one smile. She will enjoy her new home!


So precious!


My goodness she has a big head!




She is adorable! I am not a doll person the only one I have is a vintage Buddy Lee I received on my first birthday. Somehow she looks like the perfect little friend for him!


She is sooooo cute!!!

Carol T.

She reminds me of a Patsy doll. Adorable.


How could you not resist bringing her home?! She's darling!!


Her face reminds me of my daughter's best friend in first grade, also a sweetie!

Lynn Spencer

ooh my she is soo cute! Glad she came to live at your home instead of that ole antique store!! I am sure she is happy to be living in such a nice home!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

She is so totally Magpie Ethel-ish that she just had to eventually go home with you!

Jenn Bontrager

Oh I have that doll! My husband got her for my birthday a few years ago. She is so cute and one of my favorite things!

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