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December 06, 2011



I have 2 cards of jingle bells and I also like the graphics on them!
How wonderful to have your baby shoes with the bells on them still :-)
Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this "freezing cold" morning. Love having my coffee with you!


Just found your blog! I put jingle bells on my sneaker boots and walk in the snow every year. Mom put bells on our shoes, too, when we were little - we thought it was great!

I have a plastic candy cane full of jingle bells and several cards of them too. Nice to know other people love jingle bells too!

Into Vintage

Your mom must have developed nerves of steel with the three of you running around, jingling. :-)
It must have been a pretty cute scene though!


Merrie Bells - love that. When you mentioned the manufacturer I got a visual of working on the assembly line at a bell factory. OMG! Just the thought gives me a headache. It's a rough job but I'm sure somebody has to do it!

Debra Ganas

LOve all of the bells. And bells on your shoes would be much nicer than the annoying squeeker shoes so many little ones are wearing.
Jingle on!


birdie blue

i've always put bells on my youngest's keds at christmas, luckily she doesn't wear shoes in the house. in that case, it wouldn't work, i'd be jingled out in no time.

love all of your bells, they're the merriest.



I have baby shoes with bells! Genius mothers...I would like to take this moment to thank you for the time and care you take when posting each and every picture. Perfectly with the background wrapping. Loving all the graphics. Even sweeter in the jar. My tiny collection of two cards seems minor in comparison...smiles...Renee


Love all of these pretty bells! What a great collection. I love the graphics on them too!


Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I'm glad someone else likes those bell cards! I just decorated my vintage dress form with them for the holidays!


You know that every time those bells ring, an angel gets his wings, right? (Just saw 'Wonderful Life' Saturday night...) You must be responsible for many newly minted angels!


I love those, I have a few cards but yours collection is great! I had totally forgotten that people used to put bells on baby shoes (my mom did too) until you mentioned that. Thanks for the memory!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Such a fun collection, but I can't stop looking at that 3 Bears Honey can. How cute is that?!


I have a small collection of jingle bells but nothing like your collection. I love the graphics too. I swear we are kindred spirits as I too have the 3 bears honey can. As always your blog is a happy spot in my day!

Lisa W.

I just love this collection... and I think that your mom putting bells on your shoes when you were little is the cutest thing ever ! I will have to tell my own mom about that - she'll love it !

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