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November 01, 2012


Kim Kenward

I've got a few houses that I've flipped in the past but you've got quite the neighborhood!! Love all that glittery goodness!


love those houses!


Your houses all look so cute in that display! I'll try to stop by on Saturday to see your neighborhood of houses. (I have a box or two of houses that need updating. It's on my to-do list... maybe this year.)

Good luck at your show.

Brooke H.

Hi Laurie,
I follow your blog every day and would LOVE to come to one of your shows, but I am smack dab in the middle of Oklahoma and probably won't ever make it. :( Do you ever sell any of your show items to "outsiders" like me? I see one of your little houses that just speaks to me and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have it sitting on my desk this Christmas season. It would make me so happy.

Sheryl Remy

Laurie, you have done a fabulous job with those little houses. They are so cheerfully displayed. Do remember not to stretch yourself too thin. Take some moments to breath and enjoy life too. I'm thinking of you toiling away in your workshop with a smile on your face.


I made one of these a couple years ago but I'm never seen a vintage one to buy. I of course adore them!


Rats.....Wish we lived closer to you! Nice house flipping :-) How much fun it would be to be you sitting in that wonderful studio of yours covered in glitter! You are just like Santa's helper out there.
Good luck with your shows!!
Hopefully one of these days we can make it up there.


Your houses are adorable! I always love everything you create!!!

Into Vintage

So nice that despite the current trouble with the housing market, you are still able to flip houses. ;-O

PS That little display box with the stripes in the background is such a great complement to your glittery neighborhood. Have a wonderful time at All Saints this weekend!


So cute! Good luck at your shows!

michelle w

greetings,Laurie, from Oklahoma. The comment from brooke h are my exact words!I was thinking as i read about your houses. they are gorgeous. Love all your creations


Good luck with your shows! I've been working on a few houses, too ... yours are quite showy!


Your houses are beautiful!! I wish I could have them all! ;) Best wishes for you show on Sat.!! ;) xo Heather


Your little houses are just adorable! I won't be at your sale this weekend as we are helping a friend move but I'm planning on Plucky and looking forward to seeing you and Amy there!
I need to get busy. I haven't done a thing with my Etsy in two weeks...


Oh the glitter is flying at your house....Love these and especially that darling display. Smiles...Renee

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

I have a little addiction to Putz houses! Aren't they so fun??
You did a great job with them, and I bet it was a good way to use up lots of your tiny supplies!
Thanks for sharing!
Erica :)

chris mckinely

Love all your houses!! The detail is so special!! Good luck at your show this weekend!

Lisa W.

I " flipped " for your flipped houses !! So clever and so adorable. And I love them on that shelf !


You have inspired me to "flip" some of my own houses now that I know it is okay to alter their original vintage-ness. I am actually passing through Portland today on my way to Astoria to visit my sister and I am bummed that I won't be able to stop by your first show of the season since it doesn't start until tomorrow. Oh well, there are always the others:-) Good luck!



"Won't you be, my neighbor!" Fantastic work Laurie! Very successful shows are headed your way! Elizabeth


Oh My! I NEED one of your houses!
Good thing I live in Portland.

Mary B.

I love all of those little houses. You make each one filled with Christmas fantasy. I live too far to go to your shows but I hope, HOPE, that some will appear in your Etsy shop. I am looking forward to all of your Christmas creations!
Mary B.

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