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December 02, 2012


m warner

My,Oh My!!!! If I came across your space at a show, I wouldnt be able to breathe...I would want one of everyhing! Wish you could put it all in your etsy shop for us all. Im turning you into my screensaver!! Thank You


Yay, another sucessfull show down! I spotted some things in the photos that I didn't see at Plucky Maidens. Off to your Etsy shop I go....



How the heck did you get that all set up in 2 hrs and then take pics, load up your car with what's left and still post these wonderful pictures on your blog? And then turn around and do the Mother Lode Show next weekend? :-0 I knew you had elves hiding somewhere!!
How fun Laurie......Thanks for making my morning again!
I may not need my coffee this morning LOL

chris mckinley

Thanks for sharing!! Seeing the photos is almost like being there!!


Kim Kenward

Your blog is a perfect way to start my Monday morning at work. Your holiday displays at one of a kind.

Sheryl Remy

Stamina must be your middle name. I truly can not imagine how much energy you have. I guess it's a good thing you have an outlet to burn off some of that energy to the benefit of all.


I am so mad at myself for missing this. Completely slipped my pea-brain. Where was I? Standing around Best Buy trying to get someone to help me. Ugh. I could have been in Ethelville.


Looks like another great display-- love the birds in hats! And, yeah, how about those beams and windows? Wow! Funny you said you use these posts to go back and check, like a diary. Isn't that what blogging was originally all about? Good for you!


It's all lovely, and those aqua stands are really just perfect (not to mention all of the stuff on them!)


Your display was just super!! It was great to see you and look at the magic you make. I can tell from your pictures, and what we saw, that you had already sold a boat load! That was an awesome show and the venue is wonderful. It is becoming my favorite Christmas show.

Into Vintage

Wow! Seeing all of your pieces together like this never ceases to amaze me. Love the aqua painted stand thingy -- it's perfect for display. And what a pretty venue as well.

I can't help but notice how lovely your freshly ironed vintage tablecloths are. Maybe I'll try ironing mine some day. :-)


All that glitter always makes me think of Santa's workshop. A sparkly wonderland!


Turned out great...I had to make the pictures big to see everything...Heaven forbid I miss something...smiles..Renee


Catching up here, my ears are still ringing from your bell post. It's wonderful. Enough to string a chandelier! Wow! I love your Christmas gift to yourself, always the best kind. Congratulations on another beautiful craft show. Always something new to spot and wish for!
PS I am sending you a personal e-mail I would love your opinion about.
Enjoy your week! Elizabeth

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Your displays are so magical, colorful and whimsically WONDERFUL! Someday I hope to meet you at one of your shows and see it in person.


Tresa Bozell

I wish I could have attended this show. Your work is wonderful and amazing. Your booth set-up too! Oh My Gosh! LOVE IT ALL!!! And I appreciate your hard work. :)

jenny holiday

Ohhh just kill me now!!! Why don't you!!! Gosh!!!! It is all tooo tooo tooo GOOD! Just heaven!! Sparkly happy heaven!!!! I'd need a few of everything!! :) LOVE your stuff SO much!!!


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