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May 21, 2014



As a teacher I adore these!!! Soooooo cute!
One more day of school!!!!!!!

twinkle beverages



I always love those flash cards, and hardly come across any! What a wonderful and so very clever idea!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Happy sweet day!! xo Holly


Thanks for the tutorial! I love the unique and different words you can make - plus they would make fun signs at shows. Eddie came up with some fun words for you!


PS - Survivor finale tonight!

Beth Boothe

Post Much Appreciated!!!!! ;)

Musings from Kim K.

Love this behind-the-scenes-tutorial! Thanks for sharing the secret to your fabulous flashcards!


Hmmm, great tutorial, thanks! Although I don't see one that says 'Piffles'!
I'm lucky enough to own a vintage one that does and laugh every time I see it!
Wonder what it means.........


Great craft! Can't wait to try it. Thanks!


this is perfect! i will have to share this with my sister-in-law as my niece is graduating from high school and they are having "school days" as the theme. thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much! I can't wait to make my own.

Hugs, Dianne

Sheryl Remy

Clever girl. Thank you for the lesson. I can't wait to try this out.


Counterfeiting vintage flashcards? I've got my eye on you, Ethel.




Ok....not sure how in the heck I missed this post on the cards! Your blog is the first thing I look at every morning too!! Guess the pic of the metal handset threw me. I even saw the "Dang" flashcard!I must have thought it was the previous post on the metal phones LOL.
Anyways, thanks for the tutorial on making flashcards!
I thought for sure you found a stash of those somewhere :-)


I've made some that say 'thank you' that are about business card-sized that I slip in with Etsy orders and I used old file folders too--great minds think alike! I never get tired of flash cards...may need to make some more soon. Love yours!

Melissa's Antiques

What a great and easy idea!


Oh, my. Why didn't I think of that?? You are one clever woman. The fun words are limitless!!


Wow, I would never thought to make them myself!! I just thought that you were super at finding them at estate sales! Thank you for sharing how to make them.

Eddie Mitchell

How simple, yet so clever! Thanks for the shout out! I was wondering how you got the corners so perfectly round not being a crafter/srapbooker/carmaker/person with any appreciable artistic ability, I had no clue. How cool!


Ha!! I love "fiddlesticks"!!


Great idea! I think you're going to have all of blogland coming up with interesting flash cards now! And so you let the secret out about the "Dang" card. I really thought it was vintage!


Great post, thanks for the tip! Will file that away under "great magpie ethel ideas". I love that file!


What fun!! Now my mind is bubbling with ways to use them in our booth at the Vintage Bazaar. Thanks for the inspiration!


Gee Whillikers! What a great tutorial! Thanks!!!


Hah! Brilliant Laurie! I was wondering where the heck you found such perfect cards; now the secret is out - thank you for sharing it with us!


Hi there Laurie! I just have to let you know that I made some and just blogged about them! Yay! So fun!! Thanks again!! xo Holly


In case you would like to see them!! Blog:: http://damitasprettywrap.blogspot.com/

Donna Wilkes

Came over from Damita's to see the tutorial - love this idea.


Thank you so much for sharing this! I can't wait to make some!!!

vintage grey

Super creative and cute idea!! Will have to make some!! ;) Thanks for sharing! xo Heather

Lavender Dreams

What a cute idea! I would love trying to make some. Hope I still have some old file folders! hugs!

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