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February 24, 2008



Hi Laura... just hopped over from Aleta's.

I was going to tell you how to move a picture around but see you have typepad ..and I have blogger.

Perhaps it would work the same way.. you could try it. Just left click on the pic you want to move and drag the mouse to wherever....on blogger a little picture shape shows up and it moves where you pull it. I hope it works the same way for you.. You can drag it through text and everything...just move it around wherever....

love the vintage papers.... I like to make little origami ornaments with the beautiful foil papers as well as some with tiny patterns.....if you want to see them check out my label for origami on my blog.

Mike Romanaggi

I too adore the vintage wrapping paper of the 1940’s but am becoming partial to the newer Sally Foster double sided gift wrap. The vibrant colors of the newer papers are most enchanting, but I still relish the muted color palate of antique inks. My lover and live-in partner, Thor (fabulous hair designer), agrees the traditional wrapping papers, with their gorgeous and charming designs are both delightful to the eye and provides a divine addition to any exquisite gift. For Valentine’s Day Thor wrapped a lovely bottle of cologne (Bo-Hung Man Musk) in beautiful antique chartreuse and goldenrod wrapping paper with stamped unicorns and kittens. It was to die for!

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