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June 27, 2008



That is so funny! I always think to myself as I rummage through my purse, If only Monty Hall would ask me for ... fill in the blank. There is always way too much weird stuff in my purse. I love the Davy Crockett heads!!

elizabeth holcombe

Those are some SWELL supplies, Missy! Monty Hall never had such cool stuff on his show! I like your "show" much better :)))))~~~XXOO, Beth

Lisa Johnson

I used to love "Let's make a deal" Remember how people use to wear costumes and some of the boobie prizes were like a donkey or something. Game shows were more fun to watch back then for some reason.



I'm so happy that your pictures are larger! I love to see every detail, so I always had to click on EVERYTHING! You've got some really great stuff there. I am seriously loving that honeycomb chicken!

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