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September 16, 2008


Kim G.

Hmmm. Well I think maybe 100 of those little umbrella's you put in your drink, or 100 of my mom's mother of pearl buttons, or maybe 100 flower seed packets to share, or 100 chocolate cupcakes with tons of frosting...I can't decide. I think you eating cold pancakes on your walk home from school is very funny indeed! Congratulations Laurie! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the banner by the way,I wish I had a computer whiz sister in law! No fair! XO

Jennifer H.

Perhaps 100 googly eyes or 100 beautiful fall leaves or 100 swedish fish candies...so many choices. This is a good challenge and will be dinner conversation for the fam. Perhaps we will have pancakes! Anyway, congrats! I have been reading for a bit and thought I would say hello.


Jack says he would take 100 roly poly bugs. LOL

I love that your mother made a 100 pancakes for/with you.

Linda@ Restyled Home

Let's see, at that age, I would have likely brought in 100 stones, or something. We didn't have a whole lot in those days, so I would never have been able to bring in anything edible like that!

Your mum was obviously one of the cool mums!!


Elizabeth Holcombe

First off your new banner is FAB-U-LOUS!~~~Congrats on post number 100!~~I went to a funny little kindergarten back in 1965 called Cedar Crest Kindergarten. I love that place, and if you were a good napper you got to take your nap on top of the work table the next day! My favorite thing to do back then was color. So I would have happily brought 100 coloring books or 100 crayons!~~~XXOO, Beth


What a fun giveaway! We still do the 100 things in 1st grade. The kids love it! No one has ever brought in 100 pancakes though! Pretty clever! I guess I know what I would bring in as I did it already, 100 safety pins, pinned all over my shirt.


Wonderful post Ethel! Congratulations on your 100th.
I would have brought 100 strawberries to kindergarten. My hometown (Garden Grove) was the strawberry capital of southern California. Or maybe 100 corn tortillas since that was the only thing Sallie could get me to eat at the time!

Debbie Heckert

Please, please pick me! If I was putting this in a drawing you would see it all crunched up so you would draw my name out first! I love your blog and am truly disappointed when there are no new posts!

I would probably have brought in 100 gum wrappers to fold into my long, long gum wrapper chain! Why did they quit making those cute wrapper we could make something with, although being a magpie, you probably like the shiney tin foil they use now!

Congratulations on your 100th post!


Congratulations on your 100th post - and what a wonderful story. My mother would not have sent me with 100 pancakes, despite her love of cooking. I am jealous. I would love to bring 100 ladybugs, as impractical as that would be. My grandmother loved ladybugs, and it would be fun to set them free.

twinkle beverages

Congratulations to you. Please count me in. When I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked the class what we could use to decorate our drawings with. I raised my hand and said eggshells. My mother had to hard cook a bunch of eggs so I could bring eggshells to class. I would bring one hundred speckled eggs.


I just found you on etsy and hopped right on over! I love collecting spun cotton heads too! Can't wait to see all the things you've been up to over here!


I know I'm too late for the giveaway, but if were to bring 100 of something into class, it would probably be 100 baby chicks! I grew up on a farm and we were always bringing livestock to school. In second grade it was a baby calf...in college it was a pygmy goat! :)


I made pancakes for 12 people and I have never bee into making them again...

jenny holiday

oooh Booo hOOOOO hoooo hooo HOOO!! I was buried under pieces of wood, glitter and paint!! So sorry I missed your 100th!!

Congrats though!! I am soooo Happy that you have a blog!! I soo look forward to the next 100!! I LOVE all that you do, collect and ARE!

I only wish we lived closer!!

Best Wishes!! Happy Creating!! Happy Collecting!!

LOVE ya!!
xoxo Jenny Holiday

ps...I woulda brought 100 stickers. I was ADDICTED to stickers then! And my dad brought home this INSANELY HUGE industrial roll of blank stickers...I would sit for HOURS making my own with my markers! So yeah..As much as I'd like to say 100 cupcakes, or 100 Ginny dolls...It woulda been stickers!

You bringing pancakes..is a RIOT! I woulda raised an eyeborw at you....and then asked to be best friends! :)

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