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October 10, 2008


Kim G.

Not too shabby indeed! The map tacks are by far my favorite, I have never seen those before. Looks like you scored on the Easter eggs too! Way to go! I've missed your estate sale Friday updates the past few weeks!


Wow you got some great loot! Even if it's lower than your normal standards...I get giddy finding just one little box of tiny christmas ornaments! And it's so funny...I found that same EXACT cardboard church my local thrift store run by little old ladies! Oh and how sad yours is closing! I always fear that the near me will suddenly be closed for good the next time I stop by. But..I guess it's nice that they existed for a while! :)


What a nice find to find a ton of those eggs in a thrift. Lucky girl!


Let me get this straight: bump chenille, a turquoise floral vase, crepe paper garland and map tacks and you were NOT jumping up and down??? You are so hard-hearted my little magpie!


I think I would have been hooting JACKPOT with some of those finds! I have hit a long dry spell though I found a great horse brass the other day of an elephant and it says Alice on it. Very cute- two bucks!


Wow!! What lucky finds!!!

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