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October 21, 2008



I'm so happy to have found you in blogland! I happened upon your blog tonight after checking one of my regulars (Beth Holcombe)and, just randomly clicking on one of her sidebar links.
You see I have your magazine feature torn out and saved in my inspiration scrapbook for a few years now...when I first saw your studio I went, "that's what I want - how I want my fantasy studio to look like." This was way before I discovered blogs last year and even 'tho I have looked thru many blogs & visit many regularly I never came across yours and wondered sometimes if you had one.
So Hi there and I can't wait to look back thru all your archives...I see you have birds, too! I have a few vintage ones that I put in a painted cage - I adore them. :)
You also started me in collecting metal trays! When I saw them on your walls I just loved 'em and had to look for some - not easy to find where I live, but I have a few. Discovering the crafting blog about a year ago has been like finding "my kind"...I don't have one myself...but, maybe one day. There are so many lovely ladies I've gotten to know thru their blogs.
okay, I better get back to making my kids Halloween costumes. :)


So funny. I love Ellen's dancing. However I don't get to watch her much. I'll think of you now whenever I see her.

My Shabby Roses

You're to funny! I don't break out in dance when I'm in my studio, maybe because it's to tiny. But, I can definitely relate to having background noise. I too enjoy having a movie going or watching shows on the internet while crafting. I love your ever growing vintage bird items, it looks like a fun collection.

Heidi German

I just found your blog by clicking through a few others...I love it! I added you to my Bloglines because I can't wait to see more drool-inducing photos of your great finds. :)


Cukoo Ethel!
Thanks for the nice mention. Would love to hear more about your trip north. Maxine's looks just amazing. Definitely not the flower shop I visited in Seattle.
Ellen always makes me smile too. Have a nice Wednesday!


Hey, "fellow dancing in the studio with Ellen sister"! I used to watch Ellen all the time. How can you not dance with her? My studio TV is usually on HGTV.


Hey, "fellow dancing in the studio with Ellen sister"! I used to watch Ellen all the time. How can you not dance with her? My studio TV is usually on HGTV.


Dancing to Ellen??!! Are you not my daughter who shakes her head when I get my groove on to the Kmart musac??


The similarity of our tastes is starting to scare me. I own that exact honeycomb cornshock. (Actually two of them.) But the scarecrow creeped me out, so I snipped him off. (I'm usually so against that kind of thing!) Love the cornshocks as is, though, and I can use 'em through Thanksgiving.


How incredibly ironic! First the cardboard church, now the bobble head bird toy! I had that exact same one in my cage for long time! At least the birds took out their frustrations on it one too many times and it's head popped off! I still have it and will get around to fixing it one of these days.
I can't wait to see what other goodies you bring home! :)

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