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October 25, 2008



That's pretty good stuff for having to wait it out...I don't know how anyone can part with such cute stuff - love that tiny angel.
I better check out newspapers to see if there are estate sales...the only ones I've been to are the ones run by a company that sends email alerts and they price the stuff pretty high (paid $12 recently for a Ransburg tin match holder! But, I had to have it...actually, don't know if it is a match holder or a razor holder as some person in the place thought it was.)

Kim G.

Sounds like kind of a pain, but looks to have been worth the wait! More Shiny Brite's I see! I love your little chalkware girl, even with her little blemishes, very sweet indeed! Thanks for the giveaway mention too!!


Oh. What's that spot on my shirt? Oh yes...drool...from looking at your fabulous finds! When I look to see what great new old things you find every week I feel like I just found those treasures too! :)


Only 2 people showed up for this? Glad you were one of them. But let me make a prediction. Someday, when you're eightysomething, you're going to draw quite a much bigger crowd if you ever sell your vintage holiday collection s-l-o-w-l-y, piece by piece. I'll be there, but I'll be eightysomething too.

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