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March 03, 2009


Kim G.

You are right, the little pin bags are adorable! I like how you decorated your laundry room. We had a yucky laundry room in the garage outside in our first house, I lived there for three years and it never occured to me to try making it cute! You are an inspiration to icky laundry areas everywhere!!!!


Those little dresses fit right in, don't they? Glad you like them.


Your laundry room sounds just like mine! It's in the basement too, with the cement walls, and the ductwork, and the furnace, and the water heater. I have tried dressing up that corner with pegboard, and hung various "laundry" paraphanalia on it. It's still not cute. It's still spidery. I think yours looks pretty darn cute! How could it not, with all those sweet pin bags?! What a great collection!


I'll say it again - I love those clothespin bags.

Mermaid Debbie

Your collection is wonderful. The feedbag style ones remind me of my Grandma Ellen. I used to hang my laundry outside, but my line has been broken for a couple of years. You have inspired me to get it up again. The whole I viewed this post, I felt like I could smell fresh, damp laundry.

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