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April 20, 2009



Isn't the weather just GLORIOUS! And so fun you were able to have your party outside! LOVE that photo of your yard all ready for the festivities! Very fun! ooxx`jodi


You're a party pro! I bet if you didn't put out the gas station numbers, your kids would wonder what's up. He's a sweetheart!

Elizabeth Holcombe

Oh how FUN!~~~XXOO, Beth


You throw quite a party! How cool! I love the old gas station numbers. I think I need some of those for my old store.

Kim G.

Happy Birthday to Ben! Looks like a great party Laurie, I want one of those cupcakes, and yes, I did notice the laundry basket!


Oh man, I'm starving for a good sale. And some cupcakes too! I was confused for a second. Wasn't Marion Berry a politician? Why is she making a pie in honor of him? Then I googled marion berries. I feel silly! You know how to throw a great party. Looks like fun was had by all. Happy B-day to Ben!


Take it from one of the guests...it was a GREAT party. Seriously Louie, you really outdid yourself on this one.
Been catching up on your blog - AWESOME! I can't wait until my kids are both in school for longer so I can do what you do!!!
wait a minute...I don't think I could ever do half of what you do...never mind!

Mermaid Debbie

Happy Birthday to Ben! My son turned 18 last week. The party in your darling yard looks like it was perfect! Great finds too.


Glad you survived the crazies and have some great finds to show for it. Happy B-Day to your son too!

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