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April 24, 2009



I can't get over how much good paper stuff you find! That Butterfinger Halloween box, + the Dennison stickers, + the Christmas stickers, + the candy boxes!!! I am so jealous. You really had a great day.

One Gal's Trash

Good thing I was digging in the dirt for money today or there would have been a bitchfight on somebody's porch. I felt a little ill (trying to be happy for you) while I was reading your post. That was a freaking bonanza!

Marlene Haveron

I can't believe all the goodies you found...It was like you were on a treasure hunt and you hit the mother load of treasures...I love the cairn terrier playing cards...they remind me of my two little guys Toby & Wheezer...well here's to more happy hunting...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Marlene :O)

Elizabeth Holcombe

Holy Moly!~~~You hit the jackpot, girl! The pin is just kismet!~~XXOO, Beth


Lucky you!! I didn't get anything:(


I love everything you bought - the candy boxes are fab, the old graphics on the Christmas items are wonderful! We share a love of a lot of things, chalk boxes only being one of a billion or so.... ;o) I am starting a birthday candle collection since I saw your big jar full. I have three or four boxes, but now I need, oh fifty more!


You hit the jackpot at this one! LOVE everything you invested in! I cannot pick a favorite find from your "loot". Great eye chick!


Don't you feel like you were meant to be there?! It's all great stuff that you found, but that pin? You were supposed to find that. You must have had such a big grin on your face that people looked at you funny!


Wow - What a truly fabulous haul!! I still DREAM of finding a sale like that one day!

Kim G.

Yay!! Look at all of those goodies! I can't believe you found a pin named Ethel! Clearly meant to be! Love the old playing cards. Hopefully this will be the first of many great sales you hit this season!!

Mermaid Debbie

You found so many awesome things! Congrats! I once found that exact "Ethel" pin only it said Elsie! Elsie was the name of my Great Aunt who was like another Grandma too me.


I just can't believe the Ethel pin. That sale was meant to be for you- for sure! Great, great finds.


Oooooooooooo ~ I'm lovin' those Christmas boxes/stickers, and of course the little tree!


That sale would have made me very happy, too!


Just remind yourself of this sale every time you go to a crappy one. Great stuff!


Dohhh.....that harvest made my heart swoon.....-Amy

monica kaul

The Ethel pin is so awesome. I think you should just add a black magpie bird image - then turn it into one of your logos. If your blog header wasn't so cute already, I'd say photograph that pin use it! I got a pin like that when I was little at the State fair. I couldn't believe someone had the skill to create a name that way.

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