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April 22, 2009


Funky Junk Sisters

Love everything you have done in this kitchen!

Elma Riedstra

Oh I can't take it. You kitchen is beautiful every inch I LOVE!!! The stove oh I want one of those:) Are they not the best looking around? The green pottery I have some to. Love them. The little swanky cups I have those to infact we all drink out of those. Al calls them his diet glasses.This way he feels better drinking three little glass of chocolate milk rather than one big one. Go figure:)I love the new piece to it looks awesome on that wall. Do you ever just stand in you kitchen and just love looking at it. I also have about six vintage green yellow ware bowls. They would look good in your kitchen to. Have a great night. I am going back to large the pictures:)

Jayme L.

Vintage charm, all the way. I love the floral tie backs among the tin plates. It's a very happy, cheery kitchen - you're a lucky girl! Thanks for sharing.


I really love all the vintage touches in the kitchen, especially everything green. It is so Laurie! You have go some really clever ideas going in there. xo, suzy


Love, love, love it! Oh, how I want to drop in for coffee! You have the magic vintage touch, for sure, my Magpie friend;)


Your home should be featured in a magazine! It's wonderful...vintage charm at it's best.

Marlene Haveron

I love your vintage kitchen, pure charm...have a good night! Marlene :O)

Kim G.

Laurie your kitchen is a dream! I want your stove!!!! I think the green in the kitchen is such a classic choice. You are a real classic kind of gal. Good luck tomorrow!!


Your kitchen is charming, I love to accent my kitchen with green too. Great collections, I bet you end up getting loads of conversations just about your various vintage collectables. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Diane

One Gal's Trash

Ethel ~
Forgot to tell you that the box is fab-u-lous!
The kitchen is so very charming. I see you have added more tieback flowers above the window...sweet!


OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen!!! The irons are sooooo creative....I want to steal that idea for my laundry room!!! Sooooo creative.....YOU ARE!!!


Laurie!!!!!!! Why have I never thought of just sticking those curtain tie backs into the wall. I love them. I am always passing on those things because I have no clue what to do with them.

Kate Spike

Your kitchen is what MY kitchen aspires to be. We keep thinking about getting a new stove but I just can't part with my oldie (looks much like yours). The assemblage you commissioned is incredible and works so well with all your vintage goodies. Beautiful!


I am madly in love with your kitchen- so much so that I am going to go home today and play around with mine! The vintage stove is wonderful. It's just what my kitchen needs ;) And the curtain tie backs- what a great idea. And that table beside the stove. Sigh.

I am thinking about you this morning and hoping you are walking away with a load of stuff from the sale today. I can't wait to see.


Well, you know how much I'm going to love your kitchen - I hardly know where to start! The really good news is that the kids' print Swanky Swigs are ones I DON'T collect, but I will happily get them for you. And not to scare you, but I think our kitchens are probably the same shade of green.

Heidi German

It's beautiful! I love how you put the hooks on the little irons--SO clever!!


Your kitchen is lovely....truly looks like pages from a magazine story. We just got an early 50's refurbished "Western Holly" gas range. Of course, this has resulted in a minor kitchen makeover. Thanks for posting the photos. Makes me want to get to work in my own house!!!


You naughty, naughty girl! I don't know why, but you just are! What a pleasure it must be, to do anything in that kitchen! I love your stove, and the micro cabinet. That spice cabinet is ingenious, love the subway tiles, and the curtain tiebacks. You definitely have an artist's eye!


I love everything you have done in this kitchen, especially the idea with the children's irons - I'm on the lookout for some now.

Have a great weekend.

Mermaid Debbie

What a perfect kitchen and it suits you perfectly too! I love it. The stove is amazing and I really love the flower tiebacks on the wall.


I am madly in love with your kitchen and your studio! LOL! I really need to paint my kitchen and yours is REALLY inspiring me to get busy!


hahah, i just left you that comment and then realized someone said the exact same thing i did! creepy! LOL!


Wonderful! I love the irons mounted to the wall and the idea of collecting birthday candles! What a joy your kitchen is, thanks for sharing!

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