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May 05, 2009



Hmmm... ceramic pitchers. Or... beach glass, shells and rocks. Perhaps... cedar souvenir boxes? No... my FAVORITE thing is forlorn Teddy bears.

Happy 200th!

Jayme L.

Vintage sewing patterns and prize ribbons - among many, many other things. Congratulations on your 200th! Your blog is my very favorite.


Do I have to pick a favorite.....brooms....Scotties....wands....sleigh bells....things that have been really loved by others are my favorites - like aprons that have holes worn in them or well worn quilts.

Elizabeth Holcombe

That is a difficult question, my friend! But what a generous and wonderful give-away! So, let me think...hmmm...the one thing I always look for and would probably knock my mother over for is ANY kitschy Dime Store "junk"! These trinkets not only evoke wonderful childhood memories for me because I practically lived in the Woolworths or the Ben Frankin, but I have found uses for them in my crafting. I used to be a "serious" artist thinking I had to turn my back on what truly siogs to my heart. But no more! I love the fact that I can create with Dime Store goodies and let the warm childhood memories accompany me on my creative journeys!~~~XXOO, Beth

Marlene Haveron

First Happy 200th (honestly you don't look a day over 24 yrs old)..like Elizabeth before me this is going to be a hard one but OMG I guess the one that would be on the top of the list would be anything BEE related (aka QBeeC)and I have to also go with anything with Daisies - daisies remind me of my grandma & auntie who raised me, & the bees I guess b/c of the Queen Bee - I like the idea of the crown & bee plus bees stand for creativity, its a good thing...after these two favorites the list is endless too funny...have a honey of a night & sweet dreams! Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U" Marlene

My Shabby Roses

Fun, fun, fun! Congratulatins on your 200th post! I always enjoy reading what you've been up to.

Humm....what don't I like to collect! I love collecting old paper, creme colored pottery and right now dust! I've got a party this week-end and dusting is on the list.

Thanks for the fun giveaway!


I love collecting fabric - any kind, new or old. The more color, the better! I love seeing all your collections. as well.

Kim G.

Yay! 200 posts! Where's 200 pancakes? O.K, so I'm gonna say my favorite thing to collect is the all-encompassing chotchkies!! That should pretty much cover all of my cupcake toppers, gnomes, random dolls, pots, souvenirs etc.! That's quite a give away Miss Magpie! Here's to another 200 great posts to come!


Whoo-hoo! I've been enjoying your adventures. Oh, what a dear collection of treasures! So-favorite thing to collect- MOST favorite? That would have to be tiny items- vintage (or not!)that could be used in a dollhouse or miniature scene....so...realistic buttons, charms, playing cards, dollhouse furniture, teeny flowers, tiny dogs.......


Hi Laurie, What an awesome giveaway! When I'm out junking the one "thing" that makes my heart skip a beat when I find it is anything vintage christmas. xo, suzy

Heather - Speckled Egg

What a lovely... and generous giveaway! Ilike to collect LOTS of things, but I think my favorite is buttons. My heart skips a beat when I find a bog jar or bunch of button cards... I just love those little pretties!


Happy 200th post! I love your blog. It always makes me happy when I see all your goodies. AND envious! I love to collect lucite purses from the 1950s. I wish they still made them. Each one is like a work of art in itself. Thank you for sharing your world with us!


What a wonderful give away. I am new to collecting, just a year or so now. A friend started me on this journey... you should see her gorgeous house! Anyway, currently my favorite are table cloths from the 40s and 50s, vintage photo folders (I create cards from them), Shiny Brite ornaments and soon, hopefully, I'd like to start with some McCoy pottery.

Blessings, Kim

Kate Spike

200 posts! Fantastic!! I, like everyone else here, collect anything that is vintage, but what really makes my heart happy is finding stickpins--I have two beautiful sterling pins, but some of my other favs are simple goldtone pins topped with a single rhinestone, a bit of dried grass, a music note, and more.


Oh, how do I narrow it down to just ONE collection? I think today (and the answer may change depending on the day!) my favorite thing to collect is vintage Christmas stuff, with the emphasis on vintage ornaments. I just love them and can't get enough of them!

What a FUN giveaway--thanks for the chance to enter! Happy 200 posts!


I can't possibly narrow it down to one thing...my favorite thing to collect is anything vintage that reminds me of times gone by and grandma and all good things from simpler times.

Congrats on 200 posts. I hit that mark this week too. I will celebrate when I return in a few days. I am still not quite ready to start blogging yet.

Love and hugs!


My Longaberger basket collection! They are beautiful and practical!


My favorite thing to collect is old aprons....no art.....no picnic baskets!!!!! I don't know!!!!!!

Congrats on your 200th!

Lisa Johnson

Your giveaway is lovely! So hard to narrow down what I love to collect, but I guess it's safe to say I love to collect stuff with vintage pink roses (fabric, tole trays, wallpaper, etc) and vintage rhinestone jewelry is something I'm always looking for, at a good price of course.



P.S. We need to get together soon!

Julie from Kindred Spirit Soap Co.

Hello, I couldnt possibly choose one thing...So here goes. I love old scales, crinolines, medicine bottles (usually brown) and anything primitive.

Have a good day and I hope I win...heeeehheee


Congrats on 200 posts - keep 'em coming - your collections are amazing! I've always been a collector of vintage fabrics but my latest obsession is little vintage cuckoo clocks and like Lisa said, at a good price. -amy


Happy 200th POST !!!!! Wahoo! Congrats! I love to hunt down red handled kitchen utensils, white restaurant ware fire king, white plates, old sewing notions, and, and, and. LOL. Fabulous Give Away. I hope, I hope I win. ooxx`jodi

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love anything with roses! Come enter my giveaway too!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! And congratulations too!


Congrats on your 200th post! I love your blog so much! Do I have to pick only one favorite? I have too many, that I can't pick one. I won't pass up pottery (especially McCoy), metal picnic baskets, vintage Christmas and Halloween, vintage kitchen stuff...okay, that's enough! Thank you for this generous giveaway, and for your wonderful blog!

Twinkle Beverages

Oh happy day!
Congratulations to you.
"I collect plastic." For example, cupcake toppers/picks, PEZ, kitschy craft novelties. Thank you for your blog. I love your findings and creativity.
Twinkle Beverages


Wow! 200. Congrats! I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love the photos with the vintage glasses- so cute! If I had to pick just one of the things I like to collect, it would be enamel pins. The bigger and brighter the better. I have a nice little collection on a bulletin board. Too pretty to stuff in a drawer.

Station 521, Debbie

Congratulations, love to look at all your collections! Now I know why I can't find things anymore, LOL. My collections...Planters Peanut (plastic only), McCoy and Weller Vases, anything Jadite or Jadite in color, Pinball machines, old radios....I could go on, but this is all about you. Congratulations again, Debbie

Suzanna Burroughs

Some of my fav's, miniature nativities, mercury glass, vintage aprons, gaudy jewelry! I also love your mason jars full of inspiring items. Thanks for your fun blog! Suzanna


Vintage sewing notions are ONE of my favorites:)

I love seeing what you find at all your shopping trips.


I'm so happy i found your blog :)
I collect about everything vintage 1940s, so i guess my fav thing to collect is anything for my kitchen. I especially love vintage tin things like bread boxes and canister sets.


200 Posts! Wow..I love your creations & collections!

My favs to collect are old buttons, seashells, old dictionarys, and old sweet poodle figurines.


HAPPY 200th!!
Hmmm... sweater clips and VERA (Neumann!!) and 'wayward plants' and sea glass and... and... and...

Keep up your GREAT BLOG!!


200 posts already? Congratulations! Reading your blog is such fun, I love it!

My favorite thing to collect is vintage holiday. Halloween stuff probably is at the head of the list, but I have tons of vintage Christmas too! (See why I LOVE your blog so much?)


Congratulations! Your posts always make me happy. (Sometimes slightly but pleasantly jealous, but always happy!) Only one thing, Mrs. Magpie? Hmmmm...well, maybe the thing I'm happiest finding really cheap at a sale is Jadite. But this is way too hard of a question! p.s. Pick a good number for the giveaway. Mid 30-ish.


Ooooohhh...what wonderful things you're giving away!! I really really really desperately hope I win! :)
My favorite things to collect are EVERYTHING!! I think we both have that same junking gene. But if I had to pick...vintage holiday goodies are my very favorite things to collect. :)
Fingers crossed!


Congratulations!! Love your blog!! My favorite items to collect are treasures that have been handed-down from family members, vintage tablecloths and vintage tennis-related postcards. Have a nice day!!


Here's a blog where having lots of collections won't seem strange! Let's see...favorites are birds, vintage fabric and stuff with roses.


Congratulations on your 200th post. That is awesome. Blogging is so much fun. I would like to be entered for the giveaway. That spun head gal is just too cute. Now to what I collect!! Hmmm, too many to mention...fabric with pink faded roses, anything with pink faded roses, teacups, vintage doileys or napkins...the list goes on...
Thank you for the giveaway...I love your blog and your collection of vintage glasses is fabolous too. Its so you!!


Laurie, you make me happy too! What do I love to collect? That's a toughie. My husband would say it's all junk, but you know my soft spot is for vintage holiday decor, especially Christmas. Congratulations on the 200th post.


I think my favorite thing to collect is Pyrex!!

Those numbers in your first photo... do you know what they are from? I had some when I was little but forgot about them till I saw this!

Cathi Bruhn

I love reading your blog and I am envious of all your wonderful collections. You find awesome stuff!

I love to collect vintage globes, postcards and vintage Christmas things. Plus a lot more! My husband tolerates my piles and boxes!

Here's to 200 more posts!



Congrats on your 200th post! I love your blog! It's hard to narrow it down to one favorite collection... I collect interesting mercury glass pieces (silver & aqua). I love anything vintage-- ceramic baskets and tablecloths! Recently, I've started collecting miniatures for my dollhouse--takes up less space!


First I must say what a generous giveaway :) And I guess my favorite thing to collect would be Vintage Christmas items, like Shiny Brights, even if its just the boxes!!!
Thanks for the chance to win such lovely goodies:)


Happy 200th!!! Where to start... collections sneak up on me, an apron here, an apron there and the next thing you know you have 100 plus! :o) I love your site because you "get" me, I share MANY of the same collections you have, corsages, milk glass, vintage light up Halloween items, light up Santas (loved your Santa display!), jadite, cookbooks, refrigerator dishes, dessert sets, picnic baskets, Magpie Ethel Easter chicks and bunnies!, vintage children's books, and on and on........ the hunt is as much fun as having the collection! Thanks for the great blog!


Congrats on your 200th post and thank you for sharing I love your blog, what a treat it would be to have one of your homespun dolls in my home. I'm like all the rest to many collections to decide on just one but I'll go with my miniature collection I've been collecting them since I was 9 and after 30 years I have many wall cases full! Happy Mothers Day


wowee! do you think this is my lucky day! i hope so!


Oh yes you sure do know how to put together a wonderful giveaway! 200 post how nice, each time I visit I am always at a loss for words you have a great collections.
Hugs, Diane


Great blog - I stumbled on it recently and now it's one of my favorites (something I'm sure you hear a lot - as you should!

What do I like to collect? Old buttons and ephemera (weird old books, old playing cards, game pieces, etc) that I use in my mixed media projects.


I have read all your old posts and am totally caught up now! You know your blog is one of my very favorites-maybe it's a magpie thing?
I collect Fiesta, LuRay, jadite, old kitchen linens, McCoy flower pots, plastic radios, silver charms and trophies, kitchen toys, and holiday stuff. I think my very fave would be Christmas, though. Nothin' like Shiny Brites to get my heart racing;)


I just want to shrink myself and fit in your apron pocket!
I'd love to see all the adventures of your day and spend some time in your studio!
Always an inspiration....


Not sure if I will make your cut off or not. I read so many blogs it takes me nearly a month to get back around to them all. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

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