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May 21, 2009



That sweater is to die for Laurie. You definately used some magpie magic on that with fabulous results. Way to go creative one :-)


I love the buttons, what a great idea!

Kim G.

Lots of Love...Love the cart make over and this is hilarious, I just bought that sweater the other night! See we really are soulmates! Now I want cool buttons on mine! Love, Love, Love Target!!!


That is so funny I just tried on that sweater the other night and I went instead with this little black sweater.
But with the button switch I might need to go back over to Target! Great cart re-vamp.
Sweet style. Hugs, Diane


Laurie, I love the sweater idea!! I also use buttons to dress up the neckline of a simple t-shirt.

Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend.



Neato to both! I love,love your blog and ideas.


I love how your sweater turned out...very cute and very you. Hey, speaking of thrifted things not needed here...woudl you like some vintage gift wrapping ribbon things? Let me know...I've got a box full. :)

My Shabby Roses

Your sweater looks fantastic! What a great idea.

The little cart turned out really cute too.


I almost bought that sweater! I might have to go back. The buttons are great! I would have never thought of that!

Have a great weekend!


Ok, you've started a trend: You must include a picture of yourself being silly in every post, because I think we all love it! That sweater was cute to begin with, but then you went all magpie on it, and pushed it to a whole new cuteness level! That cart is sweet too. Spray paint is my new best friend. I've been waiting 3 days now for the wind to die down so I can paint my lamppost!


Great job on both projects! Loved how you dressed up the cart - it went from blah to fabulous!

The fabric-covered buttons are great as well. I like to pick up vintage fabric pieces as I find them - here's a new use for them! Thank you for showing us your latest round of creativity!


Love it!

deb christensen

you do some seriously fun stuff! i love everything, especially the photos of you having fun with your fun stuff :)


Just today I thought to myself I need to alter more boring clothing to make it more hip and more me!! Great idea!!

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