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May 24, 2009



I made FREE box at my last sale. As the day progressed, I planned on adding more and more to it as people took what they wanted. I made a big bold FREE sign that nearly drained my Magic Marker and taped it on the box. I wanted it to be seen and last the entire day. I set it at the edge of the driveway and walked back to my post. That's when a lady in a mini van drove up to the driveway, leaned out of her door and took it ALL, box and pretty magic marker sign, and all. *Sigh* She could have left my box.....

My best FREE box items came from the thrift store. They put little toys in it and let the kids pick a toy. I spotted two Annalee bunnies in it so I egged my son on to get them for Mom. He did!


That stuff was in the free box?
Geeez. That's better than most of the crap that's usually in the house. ALWAYS CHECK THE FREE BOX!

Marlene Haveron

You know what I don't think I've ever experience a "Free Box"...now when I'm out and about doing yard sales I will definitely be on the look out for them...thanks for mentioning it - its a good thing! have a honey of a night - sweet dreams ! Peace 2 U Marlene


Okay, it wasn't exactly free, but... I went to a sale yesterday. They had a BIG box of Christmas goodies and on top big and bold as daylight were Shiny Brites, in the original package. The whole box? $2. Then I saw more in another BIG box. I asked if I could mix and match. Instead I got all THREE big boxes of stuff for $4 and ended up with all sorts of neat stuff... photos to come soon, including plastic deer, Santa, sleigh, snowman, Swedish angel chimes (the candle ones), vintage tins and other "stuff" which I'll just sell at my sale. Oh, it was the best sale ever. I'll write about it when I put up the photos. Too cool!




All I ever see in the FREE box are plastic Big Gulp cups from 7-11! Those plastic leaf hooks are interesting--I'm sure you'll find a cute way to use them!


I, too usually just find things like Big Gulp cups and beat-up belts in the free box, but at a sale last year I nabbed a few old wooden clothes hangers from the free box. I've been meaning to decorate them but haven't done so yet.

The deer are a great find! And please do let us know what you create with the leaf-shaped hooks. Some autumn decor perhaps?

Elma Riedstra

Love the deer!!! What are you going to do with them??


Often I find BETTER stuff in the FREE BOX than at the sale!!! Sad, but true... People will have tables and tables of Kids / 'Pottery Barn' NEW Stuff and put that 'old junk from Grandma' in the FREE !!

My best find was a 'Hand Painted NIPPON jardinierre in matte brown with FALL LEAVES' - Perfect condition - netted me $35++ on e-bay!!


I love your posts and the pictures of your "free box" finds were terrific. I can't wait to see what you find next.

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