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June 24, 2009



That is a totally quirky collection. That must be why I collect them too! I think you and I are cut from the same cloth. Seperated at birth??????


Oh, they're all so sweet, and they just don't make things like they used to, do they?! I love this collection, and I would totally come to your Hen Party! I think one would involve lots of cupcakes, don't you think?


I understand this collection all too well! Guess what? I collect vintage napkins too! Boy, we are soul sisters aren't we? I have mainly holiday and baby! I think mom has some wedding ones in her collection of vintage toppers, etc. I have a friend who has tons and tons but they are stored in albums or boxes! Thanks for sharing more eye candy!


That was fun to look at! They would be pretty to cover a tray.


This is a fun collection. I especially like the Bow Wow Scottie ones!!

My friend makes these great trays from old picture frames. She puts whatever she likes i.e. napkins, wrapping paper, fabric, where the picture would go and then puts handles on the sides to carry them. Your precious memories are covered with glass, but can still be used.

Thanks for sharing your quirky collection.



Very cute! I think "The Hen" party refers to a bunch of talking women(gossipping or talking about other people) oftened referred to as such by men as "a bunch of cackling hens." I've never heard it in a postive manner so I'm not sure if I would come. But we could revamp the phrase and make it the coolest party ever, right???


Hey! Hen Parties are way cool--a bunch of "chicks" getting together to gab, eat and drink. What could be more fun?!


You know, I see napkins like this at estate and garage sales and never thought to pick them up. These are so cute :)


Those black cats and Scotties are too cute. Thanks for sharing another amazing collection! -amy

one gal's trash

Hi Ethel!
A Hen Party is the British version of a bridal shower. See you in 30 minutes over oatmeal!


Love the napkins, think the hen party is my favorite too!!


I found your blog over on Cath Holden's - I love everything about it and I will be visiting regularly.
Thank you for sharing so many fun things.

I had a doll house that looked a lot like the one you found at the barn sale ~ wish I still had it!

Elma Riedstra

I love this collection to. The scottie dog and the hen and the baby ones are cute. Maybe you should buy a shadowbox frame and put some in it and change it out for each season. Love the holloween and santa to:) Lets have a hen party!!


That's a fun collection! I have a scrapbook from hubby's greatgrandmother filled with cocktail napkins...some are pretty funny!

Mitzi Curi

I just discovered your blog and think it's wonderful! Regarding Hen Parties, I also heard the term is used in Great Britain for a wedding shower or maybe a bachelorette party.....

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