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June 19, 2009



Wow! You got some awesome finds! Have a great weekend!
Take care, Laura

Elma Riedstra

HI there, Looks like some wonderful treasures:) Love the chair I have some to:) What will you be doing with the cabinet? Will you be painting it:) Have a wonderful wekend.


Nice chair! I tried to by the same one (in white also) from a little old lady today, but she couldn't part with it. I have to jade and 2 ed already...love them!
Totally jealous of the dice, by the way!

Marlene Haveron

OMG Laurie you are amazing...I love all of your treasures/goodies...its so funny at the flea market last week, I pick up those same mini plastic baskets for favor in yellow...and I LOVE the blue tray... you did a Golly Good Hunt I must say..Tally Ho and all that! LOL have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace peace & joy 2 U Ms.Laurie alias Mz.Magpie Ethel - always on the hunt...


Gotta ask: will you leave the cabinet as is or paint? (there is no right or wrong answer as far as I'm concerned - just curious after debating this myself)

Kim G.

Really? Ten bucks! Really!! Yep, that's why you're a professional! Squeakin' out the good deals! I got a very special package in the mail today, you should see the COME EAT shelf all decked out in Fourth of July glory! (well you soon will in a post anyhow!) Happy weekend!


So does your family call you a magpie too because you are also attracted to shiny objects! Or, I mean distracted by shiny objects!!

I think you did very well... I might call this a jackpot haul myself if I found this stuff.


Great chair! I love those! Hubby just finished repainting some that I found.

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