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June 28, 2009



i grew up being toted in and out of estate sales and antique stores. the white one looks like a fenton silver crest flower vase. a great find worth much more than $3! and the other looks like a ruffled dish of some sort. aunt lilly had some treasures, didn't she?


Laurie, You are too funny...its like you a magnetic & the goodies just cling to you...thank gosh your neighbor only had one aunt's things...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams my friend! grace & peace 2 U Marlene


You gotta love Aunt Lily! We only hit a couple of sales this weekend but I did find a couple of nice old Christmas things. We didn't make it to your neighborhood garage sale this weekend but I was tempted!


Well you sure did have luck on your side. I know what you mean when our neighborhood sale goes on I just can't stay at home and have my own. I always like to be out on the hunt.
Hugs, Diane


Don't you wonder what other treasures Aunt Lilly had? Weren't you going crazy, knowing that there were hundreds of sales going on out there without you? Did you go to any other sales? Are you tired of all the questions?! You better start selling on Ebay, because I think that toby mug could go through the roof. That little cabinet does look like it was for dollies, and what a pretty color. Aunt Lilly must be happy knowing her treasures are in good hands!


Where was this sale? I live in the NW and would love to go to the next one!! The wedding cake toppers are great, my daughter would love that on her wedding cake. Great finds!!

Elma Riedstra

LOve the wedding toppers:)What great finds from Aunt lily:) Maybe you should post some of your finds on etsy. You go and find and I will buy:) Sounds good to me:) Have a wonderful day. ELma


You have to be making this up. NO ONE finds all this incredible stuff in one place and winds up paying $11.50. The Yard Sale Goddess sure smiled on YOU this weekend!


oh what FUN finds!! it is such a JOY to visit you and see what new goodies you've found! thank you so much for sharing! Have a MARVELOUS day! :)


Aunt Lily rocks! I love that little green shelf/cabinet. That is wonderful. Actually, I love it all ;)

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Once again I have enjoyed catching up with you. I thoroughly enjoyed your re-organized studio with the new-old cabinet. It looks like you could be creating for years to come!!! I have spent the past week on a class reunion and its festivities, and am ready to get back to real life.


I have to marvel at your willpower. When our neighborhood in CA used to have a yardsale, my husband, who is a bigger yardsale hound than me, and I would switch off selling at our house so we could scope out the neighbor's booty!! Have fun with it - that's what it's all about.


deb christensen

i always know when i visit your blog i will walk away from the computer with a smile. my daughter is staying in oregon for the summer & i've been trying to describe all the stuff she could be finding for me when she & her pals go to yard sales...i just get dead air space on the phone. so i just sent her your blog address & told her anything she sees there is perfect fodder. i'm expecting an email back anytime now. especially when she sees your awesome glasses. thanks for the smiles.

Jen from Windy Ridge

Oh what fun! Why have I never heard of this?

Jen from Windy Ridge
clueless and missing out in the Pacific NW:)

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