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June 21, 2009



Maybe it isn't the original wall...maybe it is one the parents made to work with it after children destroyed the original. That might be what happened to the the floor as well and they just didn't bother making a new one. It is cute anyhow...maybe you can work on the wall and make it all pretty. :)


Cute, I love the graphics.


I love collecting doll houses!! I just recently posted a photo of metal tray that I found at the thrift store that shows a young girl playing with her doll house. You always find the neatest treasures...love seeing them all!


So cool & cute!You are so lucky to have that and Yes, that would be neat to have as your neighbor!!


I had something like that when I was a kid! I so want to play with this again :))

JJ Papke

Just found your blog via JSIM; I absolutely LOVE IT! Love your posts and really am adoring your vintage sunglasses collection. Thank you for this! I'm adding you to my list of "must reads." See you often!


I just saw your name "up in lights" on Just Something I Made-so eXcItInG!


Found your blog today, just love it!! So many neat and wonderful things. Look forward to seeing more of your posts.


found you through Cathe over at Just Something i made and GLAD i did!! hehe you are right up my alley with your bargains!!! LOL i ADORE the dollhouse!! it is completely AWESOME! and it would go GREAT with quilling (a paper craft, which you can make CUTE furniture and such to fill the home!!) off to check out the estate sale you were at too!! hehe Thank you so much for sharing such FUN!! Have a SUPER day! :)

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