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June 26, 2009


Elma Riedstra

That was great buy for a dollar:) You allways find such cute things:)Have a great weekend!


Wow Laurie! I can't believe it--you totally scored AGAIN! I think I'm going to get up in the morning and hit some yard sales. The boys will have to make it without me for a few hours!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Laurie, The Queen Of Estate Sales - Crowns one again...Bravo Bravo...from all your loyal fans we simply applaud your chivalry of the hunt for goodies for all of us tp feast our eyes...the crowd goes wild - till we meet again...happy trials to you!... Have a honey of a night-sweet dreams! Peace Marlene


Oops - sorry - I made a couple of typos, I was so excited & in a hurry to put in my message, that I mess up on a couple of words...grace, peace & joy 2 U, Marlene :O)


Are you serious?! You have the best luck ! I went to a couple early this morning and found nothing! Love the Christmas goodies you now have :)


Wow! Laurie!! You are so lucky!! I went to an auction yesterday and came home with a truck load, but I passed on all of the Christmas items - they looked too new. Today I have to go through it all and get it ready for the Labor Day Flea Market at our local Ruritan Club.

Have fun,


WOW!!! As usual, you score the most awesome of goodies! I adore the vintage Christmas...have a pretty good assortment myself, but haven't added anything "new" in a long time. Way to go! Have a great Saturday! *elaine*

Angel Mc

cool, very cool


Good things do come in small (popcorn) packages, don't they?


Oh my...you made quite the find. Thanks for sharing the photos of all your wonderfull treasures! Love em all!!


Oh I love vintage Christmas stuff so much! I'm hoping to find some old gift tags this year. Last Christmas I found a couple old ones that I had forgot about. One was to me from my Dad, and one was to my Grandpa from me, and I can't figure out how I had the forethought to save them, but I did! I found a couple of Christmas things at an estate sale this weekend. I wish there were more estate sales around here. How far are you willing to drive to go to one?!

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