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July 02, 2009



You are priceless! That is such a great costume and a great photo - who could have trashed THAT? Crazy! But, it couldn't have found a better home! Happy 4th of July!

What do your neighbors think of your photo shoots? ;o)


Oh geez Laurie, you had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes! I think those are the most awesome things anyone has ever found in a dumpster. Hands down! Who took the picture, and how many tries did it take? Did you both keep cracking up? You're so funny, girl, I love it!!
Have a safe and happy 4th!


You made my 4th! What a hoot! I can't imagine that someone put that in a dumpster. One of my favorite Santas was a dumpster rescue after an estate sale. Who are these people that just toss things away? I know, they are the ones with bare closets, empty shelves and money in the bank. I tend to think there is something wrong with them. :o)
Enjoy your 4th!

Angel Mc

That is the coolest thing I have seen in a while


Laurie, when you emailed me I didn't know what to expect!!! What a hoot!!

Happy 4th.



Laurie...you are way too cool & such a patriotic gal that you are...you would make the music teacher proud...go ahead hold your head up high "Magpie Abe"...Hey I feel like busting out in song "I'm a Yankee Doodle Sweetheart - Yankee Doodle Doodle Die..........Uncle Sam - Born on the 4th of July!" Have a Blast of a Holiday!Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Grace & Peace 2 U Marlene :O)

P.S. - Mizz 4th of July will be showing an appearance on my blog on the 4th - in honor of my grandma, she will make you proud...


You're so crazy Laurie! Makes me want to run to The Goodwill store and find you some stirrup pants like he had so that you can really match his photo! I can't understand why people throw such cool things in the dumpster!
Have a great 4th!


You are too funny! I love it!


I have to say you always bring a smile to my face. When I saw you in that outfit, well...pretty darn funny, you cracked me up!
It looks like you are ready for the 4th. I hope you have a wonderful day!


oh my goodness what a LUCKY find! i am soooooooooooooooooooo GLAD you saved the outfit AND photo!!!! GREAT eye for COOL stuff! hehe Thank you so very much for sharing, it really makes me smile!! :D Have a HAPPY & safe Fourth! :)


You are so funny!! Just love visiting your blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kim G.

This is hilarious! Can't believe the photo was with the outfit too!


That is an impressive photo, costume and story to boot! Happy Fourth!


What a great photo!! The original AND the re-creation!
Happy Fourth of July!!


Hilarious - you are cracking me up. I'm so glad I found your blog...you just make me smile (ane perhaps inspire me ti allow photo's to be taken when acting goofy). Love it - have a great weeken.

jenny holiday

HAHAHHAAH...thanks for making me almost choke on my seltzer!!!!!!


Love you!!!!


Your right!! This is quite funny! Now I know what they were talking about on the comments.

The sad part is..no telling what in the world..people throw away..after a loved one dies!! It would make us sick I'm sure.

I'm glad this was rescued!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

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