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August 13, 2009


twinkle beverages

Magpie Ethel,
Reading your blog is one of my favorite things. Have a peaceful evening.
I think your rain is coming our way...Yippee!


Hey Laurie The dahlia's are beautiful and you were much braver than I would of been with all those bees buzzin' round me! I can deal w/ some bees...but 1000's are just too much!! The punchbowl arrangement is awesome...chicken wire, huh? wondered how you were gonna get them to stand up in a punchbowl. Pretty colors, too Have a great Friday *e*

Elma Riedstra

I love your blog to. It makes my day:) Love the flowers and all for free??? What a great day!!


oh you are too funny..I love dahlias and you got some beautys..not sure if I could have done what you did today..getting better...but I think it would have freaked me out just a bit today...:)


Oh! you always get me! I love bees, I've always wanted to have my own hives. Maybe one day if I move to the country. Those dahlias are so beautiful! xo, suzy

Jessica/Domestic PDX

What a fun post! Thank you for sharing this great story.


I loved going on your adventure! I was kinda jealous of the 25-cent dahlias, but free - wow! I'm sure there's a great lesson in how being friends with all things great and small brings rewards of all kinds. Enjoy your pretty posies, Laurie!

one gal's trash

Great story Ethel!


Some people just radiate positive bee-friendly energy, I guess. In the springtime, we get lots of wood-boring bees -- one year we decided to upgrade the bees' pole barn "homestead" by enclosing it with metal and then spraying in foam insulation, figuring they'd find somewhere else to bore and breed. Guess what--the wood-boring bees switched gears and became the FOAM-boring bees! Industrious little buggers, aren't they? And how lucky for you to get all those free dahlias!!


The dahlias are just "dahling"! If that's what I had to do to get 25 cent dahlias, I just might consider it! Even though I'm allergic to bees! It's like you were on one of those reality shows, like Fear Factor! "Can Laurie pick a bouquet of dahlias, in 30 seconds, without being attacked by a swarm of bees?"

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