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August 20, 2009


My Shabby Roses

Boy, there is nothing more miserable then not being able to sleep!
At least the lack of sleep is for good things and not anxiety.
Hope you have a much needed rest tonight.

Elma Riedstra

Love the picture!!! I have that alot to. I was up the other night untill two moving furniture around:) Al just tells me to lay down and just close my eyes. Well I rather get things done while I can;t sleep and them I am sooo dog gone tired the next day:)I think once you hit forty thing happen:(


I so wish I couldn't relate to this!


you are such a goofball and I love ya..who is taking these photos..the little light switch is adorable too..:)


I hate when that happens! Im up at 430 every morning with a list of things to do then about 7 I get so tired! Its crazy !
Good Luck and maybe try some herbal teas?


Ohhh Laurie - I've been through that & I sooo hate it, but those are the times that I think the best - just have to remember to leave a pad by my bed to write everything down...and you kill me with your picture you are tooo funny...have a honey of a night & i hope its FILLED with sweet dreams! grace & peace & sleep 2 "U" Marlene

twinkle beverages

Hold on...are you wearing make-up? People in general do not look that good when they go to bed...or was this a professional photo shoot? Just teasing you...good night and sweet dreams.


You would soooo not want to see the way I look when I am trying to sleep. I am not cute like you in your vintagey jammies and cute hankie quilt.

My husband leaves for work at 1:30 am. If I am asleep, I stay that way. But, if I hear him get up or leave, I am awake for hours. Then there's the guy next door that starts his car at exactly 4:19 am. VROOM VROOM. That wakes me up for about an hour every morning. Now I am tired.....Hope you sleep tonight!


You are just too cute! Good (?) to know that I am not alone with the late night racing thoughts...good stuff comes from that sometimes, but gee whiz...why can't it stay within normal hours? Love the hanky coverlet...great for next-day napping!

Rachel Knoblich

I am the same way. I'm up now and should be sleeping. Once my brain starts going I just can't stop it. I have 5 kids and I should get my rest, but I have all these ideas. Many times I wish I could just like you "turn it off" and go to sleep. The price of creativity!


This picture is precious!!

Sometimes it takes a couple of Tylenol PM before bed to quieten down a creative brain.

But I have solved many of the worlds problems while lying awake at night. I do tend to go to bed early and get up early - I do my best work before anyone else is out of bed.



Your first photo cracks me up! I really do love your sense of humor.

Maybe Valerian or melatonin would help? They knock me out.

Lisa Johnson

What a nut you are! I love that about you. I am one of those "can't turn my mind off people" too. For me I'll get up and go on the computer for an hour or so then go back to bed if is not too late. If I wake at 4am or later I usually just get up and regret it later in the day as I'm exhausted. That light switch cover is adorable. Perfect for you!




You are too funny! Hope you have a great weekend! And get some rest ;)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You gave me a good belly laugh there, Laurie! Is that a hanky quilt? It's very pretty!
Unfortunately, I'm the same way. Sometimes my brain will not shut off, so I watch hour after hour roll by. When this happens, I go into the living room and wake up the cat. Why should she sleep when I can't?! After a few minutes of Mimi tolerating me petting her, I can go back to sleep! Do you have a cat?

Kim G.

You're so stinkin' funny! I'll just send Strauss and Audrey you're way for a few days. You'll sleep like a baby.


You are just too funny. What a great photo...I hope you can turn your brain off and get some shut eye! That hankie comforter sure looks sweet enough to dream about. :)

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