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August 28, 2009



Ohhh Laurie - Goddess of the Estate Sales - Huntress of the Deals May At An Estate or in this case a Church....(visualize this me on my knees bowing to you with 100's of women doing the same the wave of the arms of all of us is making a wind that is ??? I'm laughing soo I can't think of an ending word - chatting our "Queen of the Hunt, our Queen of the Hunt")...I soooo love your daisy tablecloth tooo vintage and adorable...well have of a night (by the looks of it you had a honey of a day) sweet dreams! Marlene

Elma Riedstra

Once again!!! WOW what super deals!! So glad you went to the church sale. Now what do you do with the christmas candles??? Love the glass to!!


"Oh Queen of the Hunt, Oh Queen of the hunt..." Is it feeling breezie up there?! Can't wait to see what you do with all your goodies!


Oh Laurie!! Am I in heaven or am I in your workshop?? What an amazing haul of goodies! I got a couple neat things Friday, but haven't had a chance to snap a pic..2 more sales today...& beach tomorrow...so maybe I'll have a mossy monday mixed with intermittent junk..Ha! I did find a thing that YOU collect that may have to be shipped to the left coast, actually 4 of them...curious? I'll be back...*e*


You did score at that church sale! Church sales are always the best. I hope you didn't have to dig to deep to find that awesome piece at the estate sale! xo, suzy


I'd of been doing backflips.... had I been at that sale!

Really excellent treasures... you came home with!

What's the plan for the clear glass container?



What super deals you got!! Love the airbons tin.

I'm off to a local Flea Market this morning - I don't expect to find much but one never knows.

Have a fantastic day.



I was looking through an old issue of Martha Stweart last night and there as a collection of vintage aquariums that looked exactly like your glass box. It caught mye eye becuase they were full of glass fishing net bobbers and I collect those.

Everything you buy is so quirky, so old and so perfect. I really don't know how you finds so much fabulous stuff at one stop. I am amazed...and SUPER jealous!


I am SO jealous!!! I swear you have the best luck of anyone I know when it comes to sales. I am grateful that it all goes to someone who will appreciate it and give the items a new life. I am also grateful that you share through Etsy! :o)
Thanks for sharing!


dang woman..all the fun retro stuff is in your area..I have never been to a sale where you get a number..how does this work...I love everything you got..you scored big..;)


Is that a battery container? I always thought those were square fishbowls...???
What do you do with all the ribbon you take off the spools or do you leave it on there?
(I sound like someone's 4 yr old with all these questions!)


Just wondering how you transform the old candlestick lights? Glitter and such? I have only seen them grungied and primmed up, curious to see the opposite!


That daisy tablecloth is FUN!

I went to 2 church sales and 3 estate sales this morning and know what I bought? A jar. One jar. LOLOL The luck fairy has definitely left the building over here.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Awww Laurie, I'm so happy for you! That first picture just makes me smile, because it's all so cute and fun! Amazing deal on the battery container. I always look at those in antique stores, and they're always very pricey. I bet that thing is going to get filled to the brim with cuteness in your studio!


When I was a girl, back in the late fifties/early sixties, the five and ten sold those rectangular glass containers as fishbowls - I had one, with a little fantail goldfish and some snails.

Kathy (Groove Cloth)

"I was out of my car like a mad woman" My husband is asking from the kitchen what I'm laughing about.

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