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August 27, 2009



What a collection! And great photo! She is definitely her mother's daughter!


My goodeness...600! Wow...you go girl!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Sammy  Girl

Hi, Laurie --
Of, course I always knew that BETTY was the girl for Archie! hee hee!
Did you have something in a previous post about vintage birthday candles? Cannot remember if you collect them ... ??
Hope you are doing super. Not sure if any sales this weekend, but the community warehouse is having a moving sale .... Thought you might want to know ...
Betty :)
Community Warehouse
2267 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97206


That is a great photo! Love it! My teenage son has a massive collection of M&M Characters and keychains. I think he has about 600 keychains. I really need to get a cool photo of him with his collections.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What a great photo, pretty girl,and awesome collection! And a great sport, too! It must have taken some time to set up that shot. My daughter used to collect poodle figurines, then Pez dispensers, and now it's purses, shoes, and perfume bottles! Her collections have definitely gotten more expensive as she's gotten older!


Love Archie, we were just discussing the B&V double digest today!! And that is terrible news-Betty all the way!! What is he thinking?!


Darling what a Fun Collection, And what a beautiful girl. You are a very lucky lady (:
Hugs, Diane


Your daughter is adorable. If her classmate is taking photos of all of the family collections, I hope she'll let you post them! I'm #6 on a sale that promises fabric, patterns and craft supplies tomorrow - can you send me back some of that positive energy I sent you last week? p.s. Archie is an idiot. He deserves a lifetime with Veronica as his punishment.


This is such a fun shot of your beautiful daughter.

I never read a comic book but one time in my life and it was an Archie comic.

Have a wonderful day.



wow that is a lot of comic books..I had a few of those once and some other comic books was selling them for a dollar each(even had a sign that said that) was still getting ready for our sale, had early birds..they read the sign..but didn't say a word and my best friend gave them all of them for a 1.00 I was Livid...I mean it ruined my whole day..there was at least 30 of them there..I got over it but was still alittl peeved..they got a great deal and probably sold them for more money..have a great weekend..:)


When I was little and I was visiting an aunt and uncle, they had stacks of Archie comic books.They were probably from the 50's.

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