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August 24, 2009



That would be a no.


Didn't they use that "angel hair" stuff in them too? Bob oh boy that stuff would make you itch...after handling it! Don't think I would hang one on my tree....but what memories!

Stay Cozy, Carrie


Yes, if my kids had made it for me!


If I found one like you did, I might use it - but, I think old crafty things are kind of funny. But, I wouldn't want more than one and I wouldn't go out looking to collect them or anything!

Great, now I wll probably find a huge box of them this weekend.....


Hey Laurie...got to say "Nope". I have some very odd 60's & 70;s ornies on our tree...stuff my Mom made when other crafts were the rage. The flashbulb thing is just a tad too strange...and plastic...don't like plastic on the tree. :o} have a great week *elaine*


Yea, these are probably too out there. But I am POSITIVE some of the stuff we are in love with making right now will be too out there in 10 years too, lol.

I often find ornaments made from lightbulbs when I buy big box lots. They go straight to the circular file. ha.


Those are funny! Can't say I've ever come across any like that. I would take out the little plastic pieces inside and toss the rest! xo, suzy


I have one of these ornaments but the bulbs are taken out. It doesn't have the four compartments, just one. There is a little, tiny plastic friar inside. I also have to admit it is one of my favorite garage sale find ornaments! I put it on the tree every year.


oh those are hysterical...and yeah I would pass them up too..:)


Oh my, craft-gone-wrong! I don't think I'll be hanging one of those on my tree this Christmas...or any Christmas!
I had forgotten about those old flash bulbs! I've never seen them used for crafting-- too funny!

My Shabby Roses

Ok, I think I'm the "odd man" out. I think they are kind of clever and a little bit cute. The little girl one reminds me of "Kiddles". Do you remember those? I won't be making any of those soon....unless I can find a little cream colored bottle brush tree to go inside! (o:


OMG - that is too funny. How quickly we forget the things that were once so common. Have to give credit for ingenuity. Now...did you see anything interesting made with old 8 track tapes? Ohhh, so many things from my youth gone by the wayside. Cool Find.

Hope Griffin

I used to loe to make stuff like this. Pack-o-Fun magazine had intstructions, so my Daddy took me out and we bought the stuff to make these. I would indeed hang these proudly on my tree as a reminder of my sweet Daddy.


I love goofy things so it would probably find it's way on to a tree.

I had all but forgotten about flash cubes.


PS - looks like it could be the start of a great giveaway.


At least it's some creative recycling. Those old bulbs would have gone straight to the landfill. If I had a bigger house, I'd have a room with a "bad ornament" tree. These would be great on a holiday tree with other odd/freaky finds.
Give them to Pam...she would love these..!


Hey... if a dear favorite niece or nephew (or... heck... even if they weren't the favorite...lol!) made it for me... you bet...it would be front and center. Otherwise... well, let's just say I won't be picking any of those up at the next estate sale.

re: Pack-O-Fun magazine... I think of that little rag many times when I see some of the odd little recycled creations they promoted... can anybody say 'bleach bottle pig'? I also wonder about some of my own less-than-perfect creations and wd like to be a fly on the wall at my own estate sale. JeannieTX

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Well, isn't that....inventive! I've never seen one before. I think they're kinda cute, in a strange way! Maybe you could use them for decorating a package. Don't throw them away! I know you'll think of something to do with them!


I'd say that was probably a "flash" of inspiration--
too bad the maker of those recycled wonders didn't have an etsy store back in their day.


Hi Laurie!...You know what...I think I would definitely hang it on a tree..but the tree would be dedicated to film the garland would be old film, I would probably see if I could find a small old silver tree...film lens as ornaments...old camera box as base of tree...those slide box photos...the topper would be the globe wear the bulb would flash from...and I would use the clips that they would use to hang pictures to dry in a darkroom...so I would say "Yeah" the weird flashbulb ornament...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Marlene

jenny holiday

My grandma had these on her tree when I was little!!!!!! She bought them from the "NUNS"! :)


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