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August 12, 2009


Jayme L.

What a nice, cozy spot. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing pics of your treasures. I love the blue/pink mirror and little wood figurines.


I adore your spot Laurie...I can see ya now reading a sipping a cup of tea hot or cold...its too funny some of the things we have are sooo a like - I too have a bird cage(s)(3) in my Living Room w/o real birds..too funny & a similiar dress that I too received free from a friend & painted a pale yellow....oh and the subaru is a 2004 - great for those quick spots when you see a treasure on the side of the road hahaha...have a honey of a day! grace peace & joy 2 "U" Marlene


What a wonderful spot to read a book, it is raining here too.

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters


whoops, we forgot to tell you we love your things and wondered if you would like to do our show in October?

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters


I love your spot, and a good rainy day. Is it possible we both have the same car (Subaru? Yes. A Forester here. Dark blue. If it's the same make and color, I will be scared.) I don't, however, have a collection of German wooden figures. p.s. am catching up since being away, but I thought miss pepper was just charming.


I love your cozy little nook..I want more of the house now..like when you get your new fridge...here in washington we are getting sunny weather today..monday night was our rainy night..now it is beautiful..:)


Sounds like my idea of the perfect day. I really enjoyed the Girls from Ames, I think you will too. If you are looking for another great read try The Help.
Now go curl up and read away!

Jessica/Domestic PDX

Isn't this August rain crazy?! What a great reading spot you have. Love the dresser. I've hauled many wonderful, abandoned pieces of furniture home in my Subaru, too. :-)


My house is just like yours! Only when people walk in MY house they go, "It looks like a crazy person lives here!" When people walk in YOUR house, I know they go, "This is waaaaaay too cute!" Your chair is my new favorite thing of yours (which will of course change with your next post). PS--the mermaids are still wondering why their maker sent them to live in a loony bin . . .


How cool, I love the dresser and the chair looks great next to it.... now for the mirror- its soooooo cute!
And it was free?!?! I apparently need to start taking walks in your neighborhood!
Lucky lucky lucky !!!

Elma Riedstra

Love the dresser!! You were at the right place at the right time:) I like those german wooden people:) I have one of those.

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