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August 09, 2009



Oh I love!!! the festive colors..how do you die these..I have never heard of it..do you sell these little jewels?


Uh oh--something tells me I'm going to have to have some of those trees in my house . . . Sooooo cute and can't wait to see the final results!


Totally cool...not only are they cool, but what a cool way of spending a day creating...LOVE THE COLORS...like Chris I can't wait to see the final results...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Marlene

Elizabeth Holcombe

Ahhh great minds do think alike, my friend! You'll know what I mean when I launch my new shop on Wednesday :))))~~~XXOO, Beth


OMG!! Where do you find all the vintage glass garland?? Is there any at all left on your "path of march"? :o} I have a small box of 5 or 6 garlands that I found years ago, and I do one of those funky metal trees with them each year. I love your dye lots...too cool. Repeat a ? Do you sell these on Etsy? If so, I'll be there...in September!!! Have a great week *e*


Forgot something...are those wooden silverware organizers all green?? I have a collection of all red...always on the lookout for more of these! Love 'em! I need one blue one to go in the drawer of my sweet table...when I can finally get it home! *e*

Elma Riedstra

Oh my those are soooo neat!!! Will you be selling them??

twinkle beverages

"Did you make me smile?" Yes, always. I love your blog...you are a delight.


I admire anyone who can think ahead to Christmas right now! I don't even want to think about fall, because this summer has been so delightful! Love those colors you're working with, especially that blue. Merry Christmas!

one gal's trash

If I was ever lost in a forest, I would want it to be the one in the top picture of this post.

Mandi Pike

Beautiful colors! What a fun project...from the gathering of supplies, to the dyeing of the trees, to the glueing of the ornaments. Love 'em!


How cute!! And what a fun project that must be. Where do you get the trees?



I wish I could shrink down and go twirling through your rainbow forest!

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