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August 22, 2009



Yah, Laurie!!! Score, and score again! Glad we could be of assistance. :o} Can't wait to see the cuties you create with all those heads!! Happy Sunday *e*

twinkle beverages

I am speechless!


The Jack-o-lantern Candy thing - I remember these from my young childhood (76-82) as Halloween fair prizes. The candies tasted (back then!) like metallic sugar. I didn't like the candy, but had a collection of different characters - there was also a ghost, a witch, and I think a bear.


Lord help me. I think I need to go lie down.

I had one of those Jack O Lanterns when I was a kid too - witches, pumpkins and a black cat, I remember. They taste like those silve non-pariel cookie decors - yuck. Not that you were going to eat them, of course.

I have to go back and look at every.single.picture.again. Oh my! (The birthday stuff - Oye!)


wow Woman did you hit the motherload of garage sale heaven..they have all sorts of retro stuff where you are..I love it...you really got some wonderful items and I love the tins..I want to come digging with you..oh and you look so cute in your glasses..:)


You are the estate sale lucky fairy, every time! xo, suzy

one gal's trash

That was your kinda sale Missy! I left a comment for Lisa about getting together soon. Lots of changes at Vestiges, which I think you know about and I have goodies for you and Lisa too.


Where do you find these great sales?!! I can't believe the finds! So much "Magpie Ethel" stuff, like they were just waiting for you! Can't wait to see what you do/create with all your goodies!
PS: LOVE the glasses!


I am sooo HAPPY that my dance worked for you...I am in awe of ALL the goodies you found...oh Laurie you are the BEST hunter around in my book..its like all the bells & whistles went off and you hit the JACKPOT in an Atlantic City Casino - especially when I saw the HEADS - holy macaroni...you are one lucky gal...hope you can get some sleep tonight thinking of your goodies...have a honey of a night sweet dreams! Many Blessings 2 "U", Marlene

Kim G.

Score!! Love the tins, drawers full of heads and little jack-o', vintage glasses, you hit the jackpot. The prices KILL me!!


WOWZER! My mouth is still hanging open! What a great estate sale! I haven't been to one that great since I lived in Akron, OH! I bet you did have fun all afternoon!

Any chance you'll sell any of the duplicate birthday candles? I see some I don't have in my collection either and that is hard to say these days! Ha!

laurie - magpie ethel



Wow oh wow! How in the world did you carry it all? You are going to be one BUSY girl with all those goodies!
The metal cabinet is the mother lode! Those alone are a great find!
:) Jan


Laurie - what a wonderful sale you hit!! Where I live there are baby clothes, baby clothes, baby clothes at the sales - I have neither a baby nor a grandchild so I forgo most of them for an occasional auction.

And the glasses are spectacular!!


Elizabeth Holcombe

Yay YOU! Perfect for your creations, my friend!~~XXOO, Beth

Elma Riedstra

Oh my word!!!! I told you!!!What wonderful treasures!! Lets see I love all the birthday stuff!! The vase is such a beautiful color and the glasses are sooooo cool. I guess everything is great!!! Oh how I wished we had sales around here like that!! Have a wonderful sunday!!! And the ornaments I love to!!!!


Those candles! The honeycomb tissue! THE HEADS! I don't know where to start. It's all good. Happy for you but I need to move to Portland.

Jessica - Domestic PDX

Super score! Was this the Shirley's Estate Sale near Ladd's Addition?


That sale looks like it was custom-made for you, Laurie! I would say that was a lifetime supply of heads, but in your case, maybe not. The only insight I have into the pumpkin is: Don't eat that candy.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Ohmygoodness! Laurie! Have you ever been to a better sale? All the things you love, and at great prices too! And what could be better than finding that little storage cabinet, already stocked! I remember those candy containers. I think I had a Santa one. And I remember the candy being awful!


Ooooohhh...I'm jealous of your finds as always! Those faux candles are the best...I don't think I've ever seen those before to tell you the truth.
And like some of your other readers, I remember getting those candy containers at Jamesway and other department stores when I was a kid in the late 80's-early 90's. I had the pumpkin and my brother had a skeleton. It's funny that they are wearing suits. I don't think I still have my pumpkin but I think I've got my bother's skull stashed somewhere. I remember giving the candy to him though...it really was gross. lol The candy in the plastic candy canes at Christmas was just as yucky.

jenny holiday

Nooo Seeeeriously...HOWWW hoooowwww hOw???? How on earth??? Like really??? a cabinet with a drawer of "heads" Laurie Romanaggi heads??? Like really??? you are one lucky chick!! Every last bit is ridiculous!! Soooo FABBB!!!

those foil candle thingies are soo sweet!! I've missed out on a few over the years on ebay....love that stuff.

keep the drool worth pics coming!!



that sale had your name written all over it! Lucky You! Great finds!

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