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August 29, 2009



Too funny! Never in my life have I ever seen fake peanuts! I don't think they'll fool the bees!


Ahhh Laurie....that's silly, us bees know that those peanuts are fakes...but why did they throw in real lemons with the fake fruit...can't pull any pollen over our eyes, us bees are buzzin with knowledge & wizzzdom....have a honey of a day - may sweeeet things come your way! Marlene aka Mizz Bee aka QBeeC


Last time I checked peanuts grew underground! Of course maybe if a yellow jacket nest were in a peanut field..........



They would have to be really stupid bees! But what a fun sales line anyway.


OH Laurie, that tag is too funny...even when you read some of the magazines from the day..you wonder "who writes this stuff" and you have to chuckle at the wording or even the content..cause you certainly wouldn't see it today..:) thanks for the photos and the good laugh....have a great rest of your sunday.:)

twinkle beverages

"What a great tag line." A+ for puffery in advertising. Love the kitsch...makes me smile. Happy Sunday!

Elma Riedstra

What a great post!! I have never seen fake peanuts:) I would love to spend a day with you in your craft room.

Suzanna Burroughs

The peanuts are laugh out loud funny! They'd be perfect for the peanut festival here in Alabama. Maybe for a corsage or hairclip?!

Diana Leitner-Annie, Fannie and Abigail

Hey laurie-Just found your blog and love it-especially the glasses. I think I had some of those when I was a little girl. Diana

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