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September 25, 2009



Fun finds! I love the Santa cookie jar!


I have that blowmold cookie jar too. Shocking, I know.

My Mom told me those pins were for wrap around skirts - to pin them at the waist.

I would have snapped up that breadwrapper paper too. But, I hve no idea why!


Yea, I think Shara is right with the skirt thing. You know, use a big pin on the side of the wrap around part (not the waist part, farther down the leg), on a plaid skirt.


Were the oversized safety pins ever used on cloths diapers I wonder? Looks like you got some great stuff!


Hey Laurie Got to log in on the pin thing...the really big one was used on laundry bags, and the smaller one held kilt skirts closed at the front. I have one huge one that was on my father's service laundry bag, and when I was maybe 15 had a pleated wool kilt type skirt with a big brassy pin that held the front shut...with my blue turtleneck and blue tights, I was stylin'!! Have agreat weekend *elaine*


Another clothespin dress! I can't believe it. Still no sightings here. The coverlet looks lovely!


What?! Only one Holiday item?! Girl, you must be losing your touch.


Those pee-chee folders are just too fun! I loved reading them!

I had a kilt with a big safety pin too! Those were the days!



I love everything you got especially that pink thermos..i have been on the search for one for a long time..if you find another one...and you get a great price get it and let me know...:) I wish I could go out with you..you find the greatest stuff..:)


I remember seeing those large pins on laundry bags full of towels at the YMCA when we swam there as kids. The Y was the only indoor pool in town and we spent many hours swimming all winter long! I too have that very Santa cookie jar, I think I rescued mine from a "trash" pile after an auction. One man's trash is another man's treasure... :o)


Those are kilt pins. The kind used in the 40s and 50s to pin good ol' plaid wool skirts... some were truly wraps and needed the pins, others just sported the pins. I believe they were even worn in the early to mid 60s. I have a jar full of them. My girls said, "How big was the baby that needed these on his diaper?!" Cracked me up!


What are you going to do with the the big pins?? I love the coverlet very nice. We just don't have sales like you have.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Looks like you went to my dream sale! Love the floral tin and wastebasket, and that pink thermos! Your other one definitely needed some company, and now you have a collection! And the coverlet is gorgeous too. Congrats on a verrrry successful day!


You made quite a "haul" at the estate sales - love the coverlet.

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