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September 17, 2009


Kim G.

Your chandy's rock!

Kate Spike

I have a beautiful chandelier that was here when we moved in--we moved it from what was the dining room into the guest room and it fits in perfectly with the antiques and pinky decor. PS--I have a couple pix of the mermaids I got from you up on my blog--they're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Halloween dollies!


So nice to think of your family every time you switch on the light. I bet you miss poor Uncle Max more than anyone else!!


Love the story and the love the chandelier:) P.s. what is kates blog?

My Shabby Roses

What a wonderful chandelier! You are very fortunate to have such a "hand me down". I want a "hand me downs" like that!


Hey Laurie...What a sweet family connection story. The chandy looks so happy & sparkley in it's new home. Here's to the keeper of the family traditions & memories! It's a very important job! *elaine*


It's really wonderful! Cleaning it sounds like quite a job, but maybe it's a labor of love - some cleaning jobs are like that.

twinkle beverages

It was meant to be. Stunning. Thanks for taking care of all the forgotten treasures. I am glad that you see potential in the items you find. That says a lot about you. Good night.


What a gorgeous chandelier and how wonderful that is has such wonderful family memories attached to it!


how cool..they do match...:)and if you need a set of earrings in a hurry..you know where to go...:)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love stories like this, and I truly believe it was meant to be too! Honestly, I've never seen chandies like yours before. Only the really ornate ones. I like these, because they are very simple, yet beautiful and elegant!
P.S. I'm the keeper of all the family treasures that nobody wants too! I can't bear not to!


Yes, it was definitely meant to be. I LOVE that smaller one that came with the house. CUTE!

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