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September 29, 2009



What treasures! (both in the photos and the collections)


What fun pictures! More is more, right Laurie! xo, suzy


What fun photos!! I just bought a bowl like the pink one in the last photo - only in turquoise!! Aren't they great?


Tell Meg she did a wonderful job. What fun and memories she made!

Now come and decorate my house with your wonderful talent!!!


Oh I would love for you to come here and decorate my kids rooms:) What wonderful pctures and such neat collections!! I love the pink dresser and chair oooooh my Abigail would love that room I think my 15 and 17 year old would to:) Lovely as allways :)


Looks like there's a collecting gene in your clan! LOVE those pics of you in the kitchen - too cute! Thanks for sharing. -amy

Kim G.

What a great post Laurie! Love the photos of everyone in their own little environments. Such a swell little family! Love ya!


These pictures just make me smile. They are wonderful! My son has a collection of Suerballs too - they are in Tidy cat bucets, which is certainly not eye applealing. LOVE the idea of the clear tube. That is one awesome idea! Your kids always look so happy - and I bet they always are happy!

Your studio is to diiiieeeeeee for! Oh my Goodness!


You have such a cute, fun-looking family - this was really fun to read!


Awesome! LOVE that fabric on your daughter's bedroom wall! WOW!


Laurie, please let Meg know that she did an awesome job and if I lived closer I would hire her to do a photo shoot of me the pup boyz...everyone's pics were too cool..she definitely has a great eye for photography - Go Meg!..have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace peace joy & many blessings 2 "U" Marlene


What wonderful photos!! I love love love that stove!!!! Love those reflector flowers-- too cute! I love that you each have your collections-- even the hubby! (What a cool collection he has!)


How fun! I love that each of you has your own style/set of collections! The last photo of you is my favorite! What a great collection of photo's to document your family!! Good luck Meg!

Jayme L.

Could you guys be any cuter!?! All the pics are adorable. I'd better not show my daughter the pics and info on your son - she's a sucker for those smart boys. She came home recently all googly-eyed about a boy because of his rubik's cube skills. Who knew?


What a wonderful family you all make!! Meg did a great job. And your Ben actually reminds me a little of my Ben! (Brainy and bearing a slight resemblance to Ben Savage) A cutie pie! :)


GREAT pictures! My daughter would LOVE your daughters room. I'm in awe of your Studio & your MANY trays displayed on the wall....collections of anything{well almost anything}are so much fun :)


Such fun that you all are collectors!

Sally Moore-Williams

My daughter is Meg and she is doing her art college app's right now. Thank-you all for the nice words. But how could she go wrong with Laurie and her family. She is friends with both her kids. These are going into her portfolio. Tom was the hardest to talk into, but was really a good sport. She wants to work for the Rolling Stone Mag. Wish her luck!!!! Hope S.F. works out for school.
Thanks again from a fellow artists, mother and daughters. Sally, Meg and Perry

Mitzi Curi

I love to see kids, teens and even hubbies that have collections. I think it's so satisfying to have a collection, and adds a new dimension to one's life. Your family is a wonderful example!


Meg is a good photographer (take it from me; I HIRE photographers for a living). Looks like she truly captured you all in your fun collections. Your family looks like a ton of fun, but I gotta admit, I'm especially impressed with Tim's collection. I'm all about profession-related collections. XOX


I am just now reading through your blog (May 2015!) so pardon the late comments! I love, Love, LOVED these photos! Meg did an awesome job and I hope she's at or close to her goal of working for the Rolling Stone.

I had favorited this last night on Etsy and it would be the perfect gift for your husband if he's still into pharma collectibles. It's kind of pricey, but very cool! I wish I was or knew a pharmacist (and that it wouldn't be weird if I gave them a gift!).
https://www.etsy.com/listing/168187208/vintage-medical-caduceus-asclepius-sign?ref=favs_view_6. (Please note I don't know this seller, never saw their shop before, nor is this a paid endorsement! lol)

I love the bedrooms, the modness of your daughter's room and the quirkiness of your son's room. What a clever was to display super balls!

The shots of kitchen, studio and packed chest full of Rx collectibles were so great!

I'm excited I still have about six more years worth of blog entries, I'm really enjoying it! The last blog I read from back to front stopped posting as soon as I finished reading. I hope I'm not jinxed!


i've never seen these, so it was fun to come look! i love how you put the fabric over the wallpaper. it looks so good!
and i love your husband's pharmacy collection! Travis has a little medical collection in a cabinet too.

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