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September 02, 2009


Jessica/Domestic PDX

Some great ideas here! You really know how to maximize space and make it all work.


Wonderful tips and tricks. I love all your tags. You certainly have a bunch of fun goodies & gadgets! It's no wonder you are so creative!

Stay Cozy & Organized,


Very nice Post I am always trying to get more organized, it is getting better, but I need so many different bits and bobs so I have a lot of Storage containers. I will have to start adding labels.
Hugs, Diane

Elizabeth Holcombe

You have so much, and I am amazed at your organizing prowess! Wonderful!~XXOO, Beth


You inspire me to get organized! Doesn't it just make you happy to look around your craft room? Do you mind sharing what font you use for the flashcard look tags? I love them!
Thanks for sharing!


Please come visit me. I could use you for about a week to get everything organized.

My goal, after this Labor Day madness is over is to do some painting and get more organized!!

Have a great day.


Jan Hamill

I'm a baby step away from being as organized as you!
It does make "creating" easier when you know where everything is!

sadie lou

Wow. I have plastic storage containers with labels on them and I thought I was ahead of the curve, you however-set the curve!
Thank you so much for sharing your tips. I have always been attracted to metal tins but putting the magnets with labels is a brilliant use for them! By the way, I go by "Sadie" in real life and "Sadie Lou" online-
~Sadie Lou

Jayme L.

Now I'm really inspired to get things right at our new house when I set up my "craft cave." It might even warrant a new name, like "creative cubby." Labeling is key and I'm ready to get busy! Thanks for the great pics. You are amazing!


I am trying to clear out my "office" and turn it into a more "me" space - a creative space for all my crafty vintagey supplies and my kitchsy collections that don't "fit" into the rest of the house. You are my inspiration for doing all this. *Wish me luck!*


I am as impressed with your organization as I am with the collection. Hey, I went to the post office today - had a little something to mail to Portland.


I can only aspire to being an "8". I give myself a 4- today. When you're done at Lynn's house, please come here next. :-)


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

How about an O for "Oh my, even her storage is cute!"?? It must be so much more fun creating in there when you can actually find what you're looking for, without getting angry and throwing a temper tantrum. Or is that just me?!

Elma Riedstra

Yes very nice!! You are sure organized!!! Loved the tour:)


wow I would so love to dig through your drawers..figurtively speaking of course..I love how ogranzied you are..LOVE IT!!!!:)

Kim G.



Oh, I love it all of course! I just want to live in your fun studio! :]


Oh how I would love to come and play with all that stuff!!! You have an eye for fun things, and great organizational skills!


You may never go backwards in your posts; but if you ever do, here I am in a happy place enjoying the creativity of your organization. I love this word! Elizabeth

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