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September 15, 2009



Those are amazing! I would never have guessed to do something like that - I don't have the old Magpie Mind! Great job!


Laurie! Those are too cool! I see those old candle doohickies all the time @ the thrifts and never once saw beauty. Okay, once again, you have changed my mind! Do you ever sleep?? :o} *elaine* {pop over to Love2...I'm having a giveback this week..see ya!}


Oh I love them!!!You can take anything and make them beautiful!!!


I remember these from last year - they're really great. Do you plug them in? I have a little fear of vintage light cords, but these wouldn't bother me, I don't think. Also, just to pepper you with questions, but did you ever think of making a scary Halloween version? (with the abundance, we wish, of all those Halloween trims...)


Those turned out wonderful! I love how you did the colors-- very cool and cute!


holy cow girlfriend...you did a great job on those..they all look so vintage and I love that collection of lightbulbs...who knew!!! :)


Fabulous....I can't decide which one I like best...hmmmm

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Account Deleted

I love how you have giant boxes of everything! I could die and go to heaven in your supply closets, cupboards, bins!
Another great idea by the Magpie!
I finally got all my Halloween stuff done and posted tonite! Whew!

Sammy Girl

Laurie -- they are spectacular!
I agree with the others .... have seen TONS of those at thrift stores and never once considered rehabilitating them. Awesome job!
Do you have the Christmas shows you are doing on your blog site? Hmmm ... guess I should just look, lol! BTW ... did Archie propose to Veronica???
Betty :)


Fantastic! The container of old bulbs is pretty enough to display as well! You are an endless stream of creativity!

one gal's trash

Love them Love them Love them! Will you set aside the single turquoise one for me?
See you soon!


These are great!! I'm always searching for those old corsages and never see any - guess I'm not shopping in the right places. I don't know how many of those candle thingies I tossed away this summer from an auction box - boohoo!! If I get them again, I know where to send them.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

OMG Laurie, these are gorgeous! You've taken something very plain and made it outstanding! If I had just half of your ideas and creativity, I'd be quite pleased with myself!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

The Magpie Ethel Magic worked once again! Fabulous, dahling...fabulous. The colors are dreamy fun.


Hey, I went back for the candles at a bag sale. Come see what I got!

Lisa Johnson

So cute! Love them! I had a great time with you and Pam yesterday. Wish we could have hung out longer. Next time, we will have to hit some thrift stores. Hope to see you soon!



jenny holiday

Reeeeeally????? like reallly now??? Such the things of my happy dreams!! I MUST HAVE ONE!!!!!!!! That pink one in the last photo......my heart needs it!!!!! I'll be keeping an eye on your shop!!!




Too gorgeous!! I always see these "candles" at my favorite thrift store, but never pick them up. Now I know why...yours are far prettier. I'll keep my eye open for them on Etsy! :)

Deborah Bonner

Good job with the candles and bulbs. I think I have a few somewhere as well. Pretty color combinations.

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