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September 28, 2009



Dead Guy's Stuff by Sharon Fiffer is a Fun quick read!! The Jane Wheel Mystery series has 4 or 5 books (I think)including Wrong Stuff and Killer Stuff. I haven't been able to get my hands on all of them, but the few that I have, are good!! ENJOY!


Great Stuff!! I love how you have displayed the birds in your bathroom - I can see a new look for part of my Scottie collection in the making - putting the group so close together is a great idea and I'm looking at a shelf in my living room as I type this that is going to change today!! Thanks for all of your inspiration.


Isn't great to get stuff in the mail? And you got some goodies for sure! Love all your birds.

Hope you have a great day!


P.S. I love your pics with the vintage glasses! :)

Jan Hamill

I love your birdy collection. I have one going on also..with my pie birds AND egg cups..


I have decided to start collecting birthday candles because I find yours to be so much fun. I found a jar today and will start looking for candles.

Your posts inspire so many of us!!


wow you got some wonderful treasures from some great people...love the candles and love the accents too..:)

Jayme L.

I'm so glad my comics went to a good home! I couldn't bear to just heave them into the Goodwill. Knowing Kate is enjoying them makes me happy. The note she sent me was so sweet.

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