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September 07, 2009



Beautiful crepe ruffles! I love that project it is addicting (:
Hugs, Diane


Great project. I am really seeing potential. I want to make some right now!


How clever! I think I have some crepe paper hiding somewhere around here....


Laurie, love the crepe paper I will have to try it out...I have to say my Labor was productive a did a good portion in my art room - yahoo... need to continue the project tomorrow after work...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! peace & many blessings 2 "U" Marlene


okay now I want to see the rest of how you use them..:) love the festive colors..:)


Love the festive colors. It's been a lot of years since I've sewn crepe paper. I used to do it with my grandmother - what a wonderful memory you brought back to me.

I used to take my daughter shopping for back to school clothes and then she'd shanghai my sewing machine and take it to her room. What I bought and what she designed were totally different things. She always had a good eye for design.

Have a great day - I'll be posting about my Flea Market finds in the next day or so - will let you know so you can check them out.



You know, I've always wondered how those ruffles were made--I can't believe it's so easy! I thought it would be much trickier. Hmm..my machine's still out too, maybe I need to do a few ruffles before I put it away! Thanks for sharing!


I use a lot of festooning in my crafts. I spend more money on it than I want and I can't always find it in all the colors I want. It just occurred to me yesterday that I could probably make it - so I layered black, orange and black then I actally glued mine down the center since I don't have a sewing machine. After my glue dried, I cut the edges in strips towards the center. After I cut is all, I kind of shook it and rubbed it and messied it up and I HAD MADE FESTOONING! I was proud! Last night I came to your blog and here was this tutorial. Great minds must think alike. :D


Ooooohhh...time to get the sewing machine out. Thanks for this simple lesson!!! I always fold the crepe paper before sewing, but this is so much better!

one gal's trash

So pretty!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I have had such a good time catching up on your blog. Your organizational post was awesome. I wish I could say it was life changing, but I may be a little overly optimistic. Happy crafting with all that great stuff!

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