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September 24, 2009



Go figure those silly feet would be from Kansas! I don't remember those feet from shoe stores but they had feet to put your balloon in at Pizza Hut, a homegrown Kansas business. How fun to see your collections and even more fun to see what you create with them.


oh, wow! I love the drunks! Too good!!!


Hey Laurie I want to know how you find all those spun heads. Or do they find you? :o} I have seen, maybe, a dozen in my travels and you seem to have so many it boggles the mind! I have a couple of tiny angels in my vintage Christmas stuff w/ those heads and that's it. I just may have to visit Etsy and bring home a Halloween-y dude to keep Carmen company. BTW, she has yet to wake up from her cross-country trip...still snoozin' above my computer desk....makes me smile every day. Happy Friday...almost. *elaine*


For a minute, I thought the feet were going to end up on the drunken guys in the next picture!


I am amazed at the stuff you find...:)

Kate Spike

Of course you know those 3 drunk guys are my favorites. If they had purple green & gold streamers (Mardi Gras colors) they would be AWESOME displayed at my home which is near New Orleans . . . Doesn't sound like you're going to part with them, though. Boo hoo.


I had forgot about those silly balloon shoes - thanks for bringing back that wonderful memory of childhood.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think I remember those balloon feet. Or maybe you're making me think I do! Not sure which it is! Either way, they are very silly! Does Mr. Magpie know there are a bunch of little men hiding in your studio? That picture really puts a big grin on my face, but a can't quite figure out why!


I loved the army of tuxedo men. I want to blow up that picture for my craft room or something. It is so cute!

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