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October 22, 2009



Hi Laurie, I'm a Capricorn too and
I kinda feel like that poor melted
candle of yours too. Hope your nap
Love your Halloween decorations
and I agree, no gory stuff..just
fun and a little spooky for pumpkin
day. : )

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Wow, that candle pretty much says it all! I'd like to curl up and take a nap too. It is so gloomy here, it's real hard to get motivated to do anything! Hope your nap refreshes you!


Hey Laurie...wish I didn't know how you're feeling, but I'm feeling the same. Work is still insane, my son was hospitalized for almost a week so I'm running back & forth after work 100 miles {he came home yesterday} and I have to work 11 hours tomorrow to host the Athen's BPW wine tasting....AArrgghhh! I'm a Sagittarius and my horoscope today said I'd do well with a day of R & R, maybe on the beach...HA!!! Oh well, we somehow get it done, and maybe even maintain a shred of sanity? Keep smilin' *elaine*


Hello my fellow Capricorn. Remember me??? That horoscope is pretty good for my day too but I don't know how much grace I have at the moment. Seems we are all sort of stretched to the limit these days. Of course I know you will pull all that stuff off with lots of GRACE! Hope you get some rest in there somewhere.

Lurking about,

PS- I am so jealous of your new fridge I can hardly stand it ;)


I know you're up to the task!! My horoscope was the one right above it - my son is always telling me I'm way too happy!!


hope things calm down soon for you! but I must say I love my bottle brush trees I just received from you! and really enjoyed the extra treat in the package. so keep up the fun work but take time for you!


you are too funny..and that snowman is a cute little lump..hope your nap was good..*smirk* have a great weekend..:)


Hi Laurie -
just checking in, did you ever get the travelling box-o-junk?
Take care!

Chris Pantry

Poor little candle--that's how I feel every day during the summer down here in Mississippi! The mail lady delivered the box from you yesterday (as well as helping me get a big old stereo console off my truck) and when I saw who it was from, I said, "Oooo, it's my goodies from Magpie Ethel!" and so of course I had to open it right there and show her. Needless to say, we were both covered with glitter. Fabbo-lus!!

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