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October 19, 2009



Oh my the cards are just to cute:) They would be fun to collect:) I love to do craft sales! I am not crafty but I can come and sit with you:)


First Laurie...I have the same color bowl BUT mine might be just a little different...second thanks for showing us how to make the envelopes...I need to make a couple for Silver Bella and third I was just going to order MOO cards toooo funny...thanks sooo much for all the info...have a honey of a night! grace peace joy & many blessings 2 U, Marlene (I'm off to work at Anthro)


I love the little touches. When I first received something from you I took your card to work to show my friend who has a small business. We both love your little touches. They really do matter! I have looked high and low for waxed paper sandwich bags, I use to be able to find them but no longer. Would you consider getting me three or four boxes and letting me PayPal you for them?


Hey, love is in the details my friend! Those envelopes and moo cards are so great!!!
Good luck at your show!!!


Great Ideas. I'm about to do my first show/sale and am thinking of extra touches... but since it's my first show the touches can't "break the bank" ... I LOVE the sandwich baggie idea! So cute!

Blessings, Kim


Love the new cards!! Just where does one get wax paper bags - I have never seen them anywhere.


I still have your card in my drawer - always makes me smile! Good luck with your shows. The moo cards are very tempting.


I love those festive little touches..where did you get your "MOO" cards done at..I mught be interested in doing that..love the idea with the wax paper too..:)

Debra DiMoff

As always, your blog is both educational and fun! I agree, the details make the difference. Thanks for putting a smile on my face each day....


I ADORE those little cards and the way you have packaged them! I'd save that forever too!
I JUST ordered my very first set of MOO cards last night! I've wanted them forever. Yours are SO cute!

Chris Pantry

Yup, those MOO cards are so you! I know that Whole Foods sells them and some of the big market chains still carry them, and I'm sure they're readily available on the internet. I see your Etsy store has Xmas stuff. Uh oh . . .


Ooohh...I want to frame them all collage style! How great!! :)

You should definitely do Silver Bella next year...This will be my first year, but I can already tell it's going to be a blast! :)

Jessica - Domestic PDX

Great ideas, Laurie. Those bags make such a nice presentation! And it's such a coincidence -- my moo cards are presently sitting in a very similar turquoise dish. It was fun bumping into you over the weekend!

one gal's trash

The Moo cards are perfect!


How fun - I've been wanting to have some moo cards made just for fun (because they are such a cute size), but I can't find a reason. They are perfect business cards - yours look great - each one with their own personality.

monica kaul

Nice post. Love the sparkly angels. Might have to grab one for the daughter who collects angel ornaments!

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