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November 21, 2009


Sally Moore-Williams

You and Tom need to go on a date.
You have to much time if you can do your sale and
take photo's and post.
Loved your stuff at the sale.
Glad to see you did well.

Susan Smallwood

Wow....that's a lot of little "pretties" to look at! I'm enjoying getting to know you through your blog. :)


What I would have given if those red shoes did work and I could have been at your sale. My computer crashed so I missed the the big debut on Etsy. Maybe the junk gods are trying to tell me something!
You are making me want to put away the turkeys and get the glitter out! Keep the pictures coming!


wow your house would have been my second favorite to go to...what a wonderful winter wonderland..glad your sale went well..stop by my blog to see the santa that you will fall in love with..got it yesterday..it is so up your alley..:)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You know when you can't sleep, or when you're really upset, and you're supposed to think of your "happy place"? THAT'S my happy place! Glad the sale was a success. How could it not be?!
Happy Weekend!


Ohhhh Laurie, I'm still looking for my glass slippers & a pumpkin drawn carriage...I think just spotted a sparkle of red it my shoe closet ahhhh yes there they are... ohhh whats this both heels are broken - oh might toby (aka toto) I guess we're stuck in Jersey until we get are heels fixed....so we can't go visit our friend Laurie on the west coast...one day one day...Everything looks fabulous Laurie you just blow me away with your decorative eye and creativity...love it!!! have a honey of a night - sweet dreams my friend! grace peace & joy 2 U Marlene


Your sale looks fantastic. I received my sweet little snow lady and have her right next to my laptop - she makes me smile all day.


If I could click my red tennies together and make them work, I'd be right there. I even have red and white stripped socks that I wear with them!!

Everything looks great. One of the things I miss about California are the Christmas bazaars - I even hosted one in my home one year.

stephanie Coop

I pretty much was in awe looking at each picture up close and lovin it alllllllll. You are so creative, I am not surprised you sold a lot of goodies.... I'm happy your hard work paid off.


Love everything!! I am so glad you had a great show:) Of couse with all those goodies how could you not! Will you be selling those trees on the mantel by the wreaths??

Kim G.

Love all of your vintage craftiness!


Oh your goodies look absolutely divine individually or in masses! I love it and wish I was there! Sigh....


I'm so bummed I missed it! I was planning on going in the afternoon but I spent it in the Drs office instead! When is the next one? I need more candy canes!! I like to hang them from my chandaleir!


I don't think I've EVER wished I could be somewhere more! Oh my goodness~ that trunk filled with pink & blue Christmas tree's...I think I need to scream! I hope that's what Heaven looks like :)


What a magical display...do you have a list of sales where you can be found?

Sonya Dime Store Thrift


I just found you. I shall never leave this blog again. Except to sleep.


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