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November 27, 2009



Ohhhh, these are so cute....
I just found your blog the other day, read all of it...
I hope you are having a good holiday, it is just beginning..
thanks for sharing this...

Lavender Dreams

What a neat project! I'm going to have so start looking for them! Very nice!

Sammy  Girl

Hi, Laurie!
What a fun idea .... and I think I have one or two of my own around the house!
Just home and sleeping in our own bed tonight ... then off to Seattle in AM ... The busy holiday season has begun for us ... and we don't even do shows (just family), so I imagine YOU have been in holiday mode for WEEKS! I applaud your perseverance!
Have a super weekend!
Betty :)


Hi Laurie,

I've missed you this week!! I had planned to email you today to see if all was well. I imagine that you were busy with Thanksgiving and probably getting ready for a show.

Love the jewelry boxes!! I think I have one or two of those floating around somewhere. I remember the one I had as a child played the song "Always" every time you opened it.

Have a great day - as always is it is great to visit with you for a moment.


Chris Pantry

I didn't think I was going to like the "look" but then you added all the glitter and of course now I love them! I have Mom's old jewelry box and I just might see what I can do with it now that I'm "Inspired By Ethel"!


cute ideas...:)


Super idea! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled at next year's yard sales!


Adorable! Theres nothing more sturdy than these old boxes!
They are the perfect "canvas" for you!

Shelley G in Iowa

Adorable! Oh, I just noticed Jan above me said the same thing! Really I was thinking it before I even click on "comment."

I just love the stuff you come up with and put together! You are my hero! I will aspire to be so bold!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I usually see these in free boxes at garage sales, and I've rescued a couple of them just to keep them out of the garbage! What a sweet makeover you've given them, especially when you glitterized them!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Laurie! I haven't been on the computer since Tuesday. I'll never catch up!!!


Just too cool!!!


What a fun idea! The glitter is what makes them extra Magpied! I love it! (Can I use Magpie as a verb? I think I just did!)

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