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December 28, 2009



I love that little kewpie doll, so sweet.


I have a twin to the little guy in the first picture! I bought him to go with the rest of my red & white polka dot toadstool ornaments.


Love the winged horses - but for the life I me I can't think of the gas they represent. It will come to me later - I'm still in a food coma from the holidays.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love those horse ornaments! Brings back fond memories of visiting my uncle's Mobil gas station, and drinking Orange Crush soda--out of bottles!
I also have a box that holds all of our special ornaments. They're the first ones on the tree, and the first ones off too!
Laurie, please remind me next year to not decorate so much for Christmas! It's taking me forever to put it all away!


Horse - Pegasus, Mobil Oil. Your first ornament reminds me of the Frosty that everyone was required to put on their roofs in Christmas With The Kranks movie!


never seen any of those before and love them all..thanks for sharing..:)


I took down my tree today too. I love all the ornaments I got from my grandmother over the years. Unpacking each ornament is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. But now I'm looking at 4 big storage containers that need to be filled and put back in the basement!

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