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December 14, 2009


My Shabby Roses

That was funny!!! You gave me a good belly laugh! Just writing this makes me chuckle!

Glad you had a great day for sales, love days like that.




All except for the wedgie. :o)

britt-Sparkled vintage charm

Cute post! Your booth was darling! I loved crafty wonderland(a little two crowded since I was with my 2 year old,my one year old and my hubby that hates crowds. lol. Still tons of fun though. :-) I bought a big pink sparkly house from you and a sparly deer. so cute!! I hope you have a fabulous night!! hugs!! Britt :-)


You cracked me up with that underwear story- pun intended! I just have to say your booth looked outstanding. Wish I could have seen it in person. I'm glad you had a great sales day too!


Oh the underware is so funny! YOu know they sell cheekster underware now:( Love your booth and the wreath!! So glad you had a super duper day! Of course you have wonderful things tosell so I knew you would do awesome!!


Your booth looks fantastic, also love the chenille you used as the table cloth! I think you should have taken a picture at the end of the day the booth. I bet a lot was gone!! Lucky buyers!!!
The underwear gave me a good chuckle too, but I think that it also deserves a compliment that you can get your daughters XS undies on. Lord they would get lost in my rolls you'd never think I had any on!!

Shelley G in Iowa

I agree with Lisa, I would have liked to see an "after" picture. Are you sure you don't have a few elves working for you? The amount of merchandise you have is astounding!

Everything looks so good, I am envious (once again) that I don't live near you so I could really take it all in!

And thanks for sharing the undie story!

Into Vintage

When I walked into Crafty Wonderland yesterday, the first thing I thought was (based on the sea of shoppers) "I hope Laurie brought a helper." Congrats on having such a great show - I'd love to hear more about it. Besides your underpants, I mean. -amy


Congrats on the great show!! Love the display- it really showcased your wonderful creations.
As for the chonies... that was pretty funny! You should be proud that you could get them on. They'd be stuck at my ankles.


I had heard through the rumor mill you had a good show! (Amy has been advising me on my cat & she clued me in.) Glad it went well; I clicked on the pictures and pretended I was there. I was really uncomfortable at work one day and later realized I was wearing my husband's khakis instead of mine - so I know the feeling, but maybe only sorta.


Hey huney! I thought your booth looked awesome and I'm glad you had a great show! I miss the craft fairs around here. They usually stop around early November so I get jipped on that one, eh?
As for having your panties in a wad all day, I've been there and done that as well---just not in an extra small--they'd be great fingerless gloves or something....
Have a great week!


Oh my! Your undie comment had me laughing. I've done the same... but my size is a wee bit bigger than your size, so wearing XS was "interesting." Glad your show went well. You must craft all day every day. How do you get everything done?! I'm still trying to find my niche in this town... my show was not huge, but it was a good learning experience. I blogged about it a few days ago.
Blessings, Kim


Your booth made me smile. But your underwear story made me CRACK UP! It reminded me of the time my son and I were sitting at a parade when he looked down and shouted, "THESE ARE NOT MY PANTS!" As if I had a magical pair of spare britches in the trunk, you know.....


Thanks for the good chuckle! Glad my girl is only 8 so we can't get our undies confused yet.

Your booth looked wonderful. Wish I could have gone. Maybe next year I can plan a trip up there. Do you have spring or summer shows?


Your booth was just beautiful. I am so happy you did well... in spite of the underpant ordeal!!! I wish I didn't live on the otherside of the nation... I'd love to visit with you in real life... but thank goodness for blogging!



Hey, I can't imagine how uncomfortable I would feel if I was wearing my daughters' underwear, not to mention how uncomfortable I would make them feel if they knew I was wearing their underwear. As they would say, "Ewwwwwww." ;)


What a great day and beautiful setup you had!!

And I have to agree - I would be very uncomfortable in my daughters underwear - she wears thongs!

Kim G.

Your booth looks cheery and merry! Love the sign you made! Sorry to hear about the undies, oh the days of XS, those were the days.


so your panties were in a bunch most of the day..oh you make me laugh..i tell you I will change underwear if I start feeling them ride up..or I will be picking my seat all day long..and that just ain't cool...love your display and I love your sign..very creative indeed..;)


Very smart to do a dry run with the booth layout!

Chelsea Ann

oh I feel really sad because for one I'm not sure that I have ever been too your blog before now and two because we did not meet. Although I did see you many a time. You always looked like a woman on a mission. In fact wow I was blown away by how much you brought in and then back out and how quickly! Just amazing. Your booth was by far the best! I hope we get a second chance to properly meet!
Thank you so much for saying hello (in blog land) it is so nice to make new friends and especially neighbors :) Chelsea Ann


I found you at Crafty Wonderland and bought one of your lovely Christmas Houses. Your work is so wonderful! It was an amazing show I may try selling myself next year. Maybe...


Your booth looks fabulous! Not surprised you did well--glad to see folks appreciating what you do! I wish I had been there.


I'm so happy for you! All your hard work paid off. Time for "Santa Ethel" to take a well-deserved holiday break!

Station 521, Debbie

You are so funny! Your booth looks great, wish I could have been there. By the way, everyone I know laughs at me because I have a drawing of my space in the shop I am in and when I redo my space I draw the furniture and display pieces all to scale so I know right where they go when we go to set up. Saves lots of time and also my husband from getting testy about moving this from here to here! Happy Holidays to You!


I'm so pleased to hear your sale was so successful and am sorry I missed it. I wanted to go so badly, but it just didn't happen. Loved the underwear story. You are so cute and your space looked amazing. Not surprised at all you did so well. Hope we can get together in the not too distant future.



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