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December 11, 2009



Okay, I might have to start a blog just to get some kind reader to send me goodies! I love, love, love old graphics. The fonts alone make me happy! I do have a good friend who is decluttering so I am the happy receiver of her old blow up Santas and old Christmas boxes. There is nothing that I could want more. Your blog really inspires me to get busy decorating.
Thanks for all the great ideas!


Love your collections, hope to find some like that myself:)


Collecting those light boxes makes perfect sense - I always love the graphics, but the lights terrify me. I have only a mini collection of ornament hanger boxes (good grief, do we really collect ornament hanger boxes???) BUT I don't have any of yours and you don't have any of mine. That means we each have more to collect - yay!


All I can say is Eye Candy to the max!


wow it is like stepping back in time at your home..I love it!!! have a great weekend.:)



I collect ornament boxes, tinsel icicles, mica snow, etc too! It's all about the graphics and packaging with me! Hope to take some pix around my house and post on my blog soon!

Love your beautifuly treasures! Thanks for sharing!


Love the stockings on the window! You have such delightful ways to display all your treasures. The graphics are great and their look always warms my heart.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Your area must be a real hotbed of vintageness! I just don't see great stuff like the light and ornament hanger boxes here, but I'm sure they're out there. I just need to go antique shopping more often!


Your post was on my mind and - low and behold - I found a box of vintage Christmas lights at our local consignment store. $5! Seemed like a deal! Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.


Oh, me too...I LOVE the graphics of the 40s-50s! I was born in '60 so I have no idea why I love those decades so much...even the script makes me feel happy! :)
Today I actually dragged myself to an Estate sale (the same company that sends me emails & are very overpriced) in the rain hoping for a Christmas find...alas, just one teeny pink brush bottle tree was to be found. But, at least the man gave it to me for free since that was all I had. I do love it. The large red pyrex bowl was tempting but I just didn't want to pay $10 for it, when I may find it at a Goodwill for less (I hope). The last time I bought a pricey pyrex bowl it slipped from my soapy fingers in the sink and shattered!
Last year I found real tinsel in a box under a table in the garage at another sale...I was so happy. I love old heavy tinsel. Once when we were younger my brother took all the tinsel from the tree when Christmas was over and formed it into a ball...boy, was it heavy & hard!


Just now saw the Christmas card list box...I have one, too! I saw it for sale on another blog last year and had to have it - again for the cute graphics! :)


Let me just say - you have the BEST stuff! Love seeing all of it and I too adore the graphics!!!


Hope Griffin

Vintage graphics are richer, have more attention to detail and have an innocence that is missing today.

Groovecloth Kathy

Still plugging away at your blog and still loving it! Lead tinsel! Fun to find. The mylar tinsel of today just doesn't have the same heft, drip, shine or poisoning! Yikes. But the boxes were so much better!

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