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December 20, 2009


Sammy  Girl

Hi, Laurie! I am convinced that Santa will be flattered by all the images (and he would NEVER think of you as a stalker!!) .... In fact, I think he will leave presents at BOTH "fireplaces"!
I think you are on to something girl!
Thanks so much for all of your support during 2009. Cannot believe I have posted my 100th. Posted a giveaway ... and no new posts until after New Years. Time with family and hoping to get caught up with friends' posts that I missed this last couple of weeks.
Betty :)

sue orosz

i adore that fireplace...i remember reading about it when you found it!! it makes me laugh. it will make santa laugh too...hope he doesn't eat too many cookies, or he will crush it...lol
i adore those little vintage santa boxes around the fireplace and your santa heads are the best of the best.
very sweet....as always.
merry christmas


That's so cute!
I love the Santa Heads!

Sandy McClay

I am sure that Santa will use the right fireplace, but he is going to love your basement! Thoses two light up Santas on the fireplace???? GREAT! I lvoe them! I hope to get a few more Santa's during the year....maybe I will be lucky and get one of those! :)


I'm lovin' that cardboard fireplace! I'm sure Santa will figure things out! And is that a dollhouse I spy? I love dollhouses!


LOVE the fireplace! It is adorable. Your house must be so fun to come to during the holidays! I bet it's fun the rest of the year too.

Merry Christmas!


that faux fireplace is awesome and in mint condition..I love it..we had a faux brick thing we rolled out and used as kids..made it feel more festive...have a wonderful christmas.:)


That's awesome - and it's so you! Fantabulous!


Alright!! I love it, it was meant to be for you to find that fireplace. Brings back so many memories of the one we use to have. Thanks for posting about it. Your house is definately ready for Santa however he finds his way in there!! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We had a fireplace like that growing up, and Santa always figured out the right chimney to use. One less thing for you to worry about, I hope!


Love the fireplace!! Everything looks sooooo perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!

Into Vintage

I think Santa will be delighted with your tribute(s) to him and the work he does :-) Happy Holidays!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think Santa will feel right at home there, because it's easy to see that he is adored by you! I thought the Santas outside wee awesome. I had no idea there were more! I've never seen those old Santas to hang on a door until I entered blogland, but then there's alot of things I just didn't know existed until I started reading blogs!
Laurie, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! How could they not, with the wonderland that you've created for them?!

Julie Boyer

So cute! Thanks for the Santa tour.
Merry Christmas

Chris Pantry

For some reason all those Santa heads remind me of a hunting lodge with Santa heads instead of deer and moose heads. I think I need some eggnog to get my head right . . . I DO think the fireplace is incredible!!

Bella Dreams

You have tyhe most amazing collection. So happy that I found your blog! I bet Santa will figure it all out!

twinkle beverages

From looking at your images...your treasures are always in what appears to be new condition. Is there a secret to cleaning this beauties? Love the collections. Happy Holidays to you and yours...have a blessed New Year as well.


Reminds me of my childhood. Wher can get one?
Happy Holidays !!!

Scott McGrath

Great fireplace I have photos of my brothers and I sitting in front of it. I was wondering if you could take a photo of the chimney piece. The one with Santa holding the sign Merry Christmas. I'll print up a small poster and put it on the mantle of my real fireplace. All of my brothers and families are coming home for the holidays and I thought that they would enjoy see our first fireplace Lol
Thank you for your time and help
Appreciatively Scott

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